Bridging the Gap Weekend

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There’s a growing bridge between the military and civilian worlds, and it’s called GORUCK.

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Bridging the Gap is a weekend of camaraderie you find in the military and on the sports teams of your youth. Full of people who love America, getting active, and rubbing elbows with fellow Americans who also love a cold beer after a good ruck.

Team Red, White, and Blue is our national level non-profit partner. We share the goal of getting veterans and civilians socially and physically active, and we are providing leadership to that end, all across America.

Together, we promote and empower:

  • Stronger local leaders
  • Stronger communities
  • Better veteran transitions into the civilian world
  • Active lifestyles, including rucking together

Join GORUCK Nation at Bridging the Gap with family, friends, and those not yet friends.


Events at Every Bridging the Gap Weekend Across the Country

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