We are often asked why we carry logs, keep odd hours, intentionally subject ourselves to stress, and preach putting others before ourselves. The answer is simple: We are building a bridge between the civilian and military worlds. We do so by building better Americans, one Cadre-led event at a time. GORUCK’s Cadre are all decorated combat veterans of Special Operations. They teach what they know and in that process, Cadre and participant alike come out changed for the better.

Welcome to GORUCK’s signature events requiring bricks, rucks, and you. Good Livin’ from our Cadre is a transcendent experience because it’s not about you, it’s about the people next to you. You will emerge changed for the better by the end of your Light, Challenge, Heavy, or Selection. Our Cadre will show you what you are capable of when you work as a team or when you face your own limitations head on.

Quick Hits

  • Based on Special Operations training
  • Team Building through diversity
  • Focus is on your team, not yourself (except for GORUCK Selection)
  • Requires a rucksack and additional weight

GORUCK Expeditions are multi-day adventures with hands-on classes that stress situational awareness and prepare you for survival in any environment. Leave better prepared to face your surroundings through instruction on mountain climbing, survival planning, wilderness medicine, and spycraft. GORUCK Expeditions are not simply weekend getaways; you will be tested and evaluated on your successful application of your new skills. What you learn might save your life or the lives of your loved ones someday.

Quick Hits

  • Situational awareness and worst-case scenario planing
  • Survival training based on your environment
  • Practical instruction cemented by application and evaluation

If you are looking for some good times with new and old friends, you’ve come to the right place. Fun Luvin’ events are open to everyone and their friends, the more the merrier type deal. You can explore a city GORUCK-style on a Scavenger or join Vets and their buddies for GORUCK’s original charity event known as War Stories and Free Beer. No matter what, you are sure to crack a smile or two.

Quick Hits

  • Perfect for pretty much anyone
  • Fun and easy
  • Reunite with old friends, make new ones

GORUCK Cadre are world class shooters and teachers, having honed their skills by firing millions of rounds and instructing hundreds of thousands of students in both training and in war. Whether you are a professional shooter or have never picked up a gun in your life, our Cadre will scale their knowledge to you, teaching from real world experience that is unparalleled in the industry.

Quick Hits

  • Learn from the best firearms instructors in the world
  • Skills for beginners to professionals
  • Custom classes available tailored to specific group needs

You pick the time, you pick the spot. Anywhere in the country, anywhere in the world - our Cadre will meet you there. If your city isn’t already on our Good Livin’, Scavenger, or Expeditions schedule or you want a private event for your team, friends, or company, we can run a Custom just for you.

Quick Hits

  • No events in your area? We’ll come to you
  • Events where you want, with who you want
  • Good Livin’, Scavenger, Expeditions, Firearms

Solutions are non-physical and corporate events where we build better teams and better leaders. We do this by teaching the best practices of Teamwork, Leadership, and Communication (TLC), learned in the most unconventional and harsh environments imaginable. We provide customized team-building events for companies based on our collective experiences of Special Forces and Intelligence professionals.

Quick Hits

  • Nonphysical or physical, you decide
  • Spec Ops training, planning, and execution in a corporate setting
  • Military skills applicable to groups and businesses

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