GBF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides unconventional aid to the Special Forces community. That means the wounded and the families of killed Special Forces soldiers have one place to turn when tragedy strikes.

GORUCK was founded by a Green Beret, aka Army Special Forces, and has supported GBF since its inception.


GORUCK donates time, cash, gear, and infrastructure to the Green Beret Foundation. Here’s what that means exactly:

  • GORUCK Events: We encourage participants to raise money. Click here to set up a fundraising page through GORUCK’s account, which is easier than setting up your own.
  • Capstone Events: We require participants to raise money for GBF. Our Capstone Events offer an in-depth look at various portions of Special Forces training, such as mission planning and survival skills. We involve SF friends from around the globe as well as Gold Star Family Members.
  • War Stories and Free Beer: GORUCK produces this event series where veterans share their deployment stories. All are invited. GORUCK donates all funds raised to charity, including the Green Beret Foundation.
  • The GORUCK Program: GORUCK donates GR1’s to GBF. GBF then fills each one with mission essentials and gives it to a wounded Green Beret to help him begin the road to recovery.
  • GORUCK Founder Jason McCarthy proudly serves as GBF’s Vice President of Marketing. Learn more >>