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We proudly build GORUCK gear in the USA, prove it in the harshest conditions in the world, and offer a lifetime guarantee as proof that quality is life and death to us. Whether you’re in New York City, Baghdad, the Rockies, or at any of our Events, GORUCK gear thrives. GR1 is our original and most versatile piece of gear.

Built Tough, Made in the USA

Our commitment is to American manufacturing because our commitment is to excellence. Doing things in America costs more but it also lets us build and master a culture of quality. If you’re a company and excellence is not in your DNA, you’re going to make stuff that is un-excellent. If you cut corners to shave pennies, you’re going to continue down that slippery slope until you’re putting out garbage with a logo on it.

GORUCK does things a little bit differently. Our job at GORUCK is to make great gear and to prove to you that it’s superior quality that’s worth the extra money. And for good measure we’ll throw in things like accountability and the idea that the customer is always right. Things our grandfathers appreciated.