Rucking Gear Tips

No matter what, you pick the weight that you ruck. Anything more than nothing is rucking as long as you’re having fun and being active. You can carry rucking plates or just about anything else you already own in your house. Just don’t overthink it.

You only need 3 things to start rucking...

The Weight Makes it Rucking

When in doubt, start with 20 lbs. You can do 10 lbs if you’re just getting off the couch, but 20 lbs is great if you already have a fitness routine. Ruck with 30 lbs if you’ve rucked before and want more of a challenge.

Some distance with some weight is always better than no distance with no weight. To get started, start somewhere (anywhere) with a friend and you’ll never stop.

If you want the best weight to ruck, you want GORUCK Ruck Plates. Ruck Plates are compact and fit seamlessly in our rucksacks for superior stability. For any kind of rucking weight, stability is key so your ruck doesn't bounce around all over your back.

In our super technical clinical studies the average mom’s purse weighs 37 lbs full so here are some common things and their weights, to put rucking weight into perspective:

  • A gallon of water: 8.3 lbs
  • A 12 pack of Coca Cola: 10 lbs
  • A case of beer: 18 lbs
  • Your kids’ bookbag: weigh it, it’s probably 30+ lbs
  • Your computer work bag: 15-20 lbs
  • Weekender duffel bag: 15-25 lbs
  • Jason’s mom’s purse: 45 lbs
  • A bag of groceries: 5-20 lbs
  • 2 bricks: 10 lbs
  • Monster’s bag of dog food: 30 lbs
  • Your kid’s diaper bag: 10-20 lbs

Like we’re saying, start with 20 lbs. You can handle it.