GR2 (Navy)

GR2 (Navy)

  • Volume 34 Liters
  • GORUCK Cadre Favorite (TSA carry-on compliant)
  • Allows for excessive amounts of organization and makes packing fun
  • Thrives in cities, warzones, when rucking to train (with heavy weight), and at our Events.
  • Separate, bombproof compartment next to your back holds XL laptops (17”+) or a hydration bladder – you pick.
  • Customize with the patch of your choice.
  • Special Forces-grade materials, Built in the USA, Lifetime guarantee
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    No matter your size, the GR2 travels hard and well and complies with TSA size requirements for carry-on bags. Its simplicity, functionality, and focus on organization take inspiration from Special Forces medical rucks. It is overwhelmingly the favorite ruck of GORUCK Cadre.


    Special Forces Grade Materials

    The materials we choose are proven to thrive in war. YKK Zippers perform despite Middle East sandstorms, and 1000 denier CORDURA® is the preferred material for Special Forces rucks due to its strength to weight ratio and durability.

    Badass American Construction

    High stress points are strength tested at over 400 lbs. GR2 is capable of holding more weight than any human should ruck with.

    TSA Carry-On Compliant

    GR2 is a suitcase on your back. Pack everything you need and it still fits in the overhead compartment.

    Opens Flat

    Easy to pack and organize. Special Forces medical rucks share a similar design.

    External Slant Pocket

    Slant pocket on the front of the ruck provides quick access to keys, snacks, and other small items.

    Bombproof Laptop Compartment

    Your laptop costs $2,000, that’s why we made the best, and toughest laptop bag ever built. The huge separate compartment next to your back is extra reinforced to securely take a laptop (of almost any size) into combat. And you can get it in and out easily.

    Outer Compartment

    Four internal pockets: two large mesh zippered pockets, one small go-to zippered pocket and one built-in Field Pocket pocket for additional volume.

    Built-In Field Pocket

    We built in a medium sized pocket with some additional volume capacity. It's like a built-in Field Pocket because there are two small mesh elastic pockets inside it.

    MOLLE Attachments

    4 rows of external and internal MOLLE webbing let you customize GR2 how you want. MOLLE is the same system used by our Armed Forces to attach life-saving sensitive equipment, such as ammunition.

    Inner Compartment

    Three internal pockets just like GR1: one large elastic pocket, one large mesh zippered pocket and one small go-to zippered pocket.

    Frame Sheet

    A removable, hard plastic frame sheet stabilizes the bombproof laptop compartment and allows you to carry more weight comfortably. If there were no frame sheet, the ruck would curl in on itself too much when you cinch it down on your shoulders.

    False Bottom

    We built a false bottom in the bombproof laptop compartment so that when you set your ruck down, your laptop won't even notice. This adds labor to the build of the ruck, but it's necessary for max function.

    Silent Zipper Pulls

    YKK zippers with silent, glove friendly zipper pulls constructed from parachute 550 cord. There is no good reason why zippers should make noise when rucking (or assaulting). Ours don't.

    Extra Padded Straps and Handle

    Shoulder straps and top handle are extra padded to carry heavier loads more comfortably.

    2" x 3" VELCRO

    Allows you to customize your GR2 with the patch of your choice.


    By military-spec submersion tests, waterproof means you could repeatedly submerge something and its contents would stay entirely dry. Our rucks are highly water resistant aka rainproof.


    Find a laundromat and you can live out of GR2 forever.

    GR2 Buzz

    "Our favorite Carry On for traveling the world with only one bag."

    "What stood out most over the course of three weeks was how the pack's design forced me to stay organized."



    34L and 40L GR2 are both travel rucks with the same best laptop compartment ever built, like GR1. They're bigger than ideal for rucking or a GORUCK Challenge. The decision between these two rucks is less about how big you are and more about how long your trip is and how much you need to carry.


    Availability Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Days
    Rating Yes
    Materials 1000D CORDURA®
    Dimensions 12.5"W x 22”H x 9”D
    Volume 34L
    Water Resistant Yes
    Laptop Protection 17"+
    Frame Sheet Yes
    MOLLE Webbing Yes
    2x3 VELCRO/patch sold separate Yes
    Color Navy
    Opens Flat Yes
    Padded Handle No
    Manufacturer GORUCK
    Made in USA Yes
    Scars Lifetime Guarantee Yes


    Weight 4.560 lbs
    Length 24.000 in
    Width 16.000 in
    Height 6.000 in