Stealth Ops // Urban Ops

Determine your faction’s fate at the Anomaly through a series of Resistance vs. Enlightened competitions requiring teamwork, grit, and smarts.

Agents, you are the elite

We’re adding a new layer to Ingress Anomaly events and that layer is the human terrain of teamwork and leadership in a mission-based world. More emphasis on the physical and the mental – always with take-aways that apply to your daily life. GORUCK Cadre are premier team builders and bring this skill to Ingress live events all around the world.

2016 Anomaly Ops will continue at Aegis Nova XM Anomaly events everywhere.

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Stealth Ops

10-12 Hours

Physical Requirements: High

We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.

- Archilochus, Greek Soldier, Poet, c. 650 BC

Stealth Ops is for those Agents looking to push themselves physically and mentally in the build up to the Anomaly. And then to take a leadership role over their fellow Agents during the Anomaly.

Your GORUCK Cadre, a decorated combat Veteran of Special Operations, will simulate the missions that happen during the Anomaly under conditions of physical and mental stress: the measurement windows, the movement to the volatile locations, and the factional battles that ensue.

During Stealth Ops, you will learn to apply the 4 steps of leadership:

  1. Understand the problem
  2. Visualize a solution
  3. Over-Communicate
  4. Adapt to win

This is the most physically intensive medal in the history of Ingress… so far.

Notes on Stealth Ops:

  • This is both a cross-factional and competitive event. Competitions during Stealth Ops will be Resistance vs. Enlightened.

  • Stealth Ops will take place overnight, prior to the main Anomaly. You will be moving in the same Area of Operations (AO) as the Anomaly, and work as teams to complete physical and mental tasks.

  • Teams must adapt and overcome conditions to collect and compete for Intel that will give their Faction an edge during the Anomaly.

  • GORUCK Cadre have executed over 3,000 Challenges similar to this in physicality. Our Cadre are trained to teach you how to succeed when you work together - that’s their mission. The average pass rate for those who show up is 94%. The average pass rate for those who do not show up is always 0.

  • Your GORUCK Cadre is training you to become one of your faction’s most elite ground force leaders. Upon completion of Stealth Ops, you will earn the GORUCK x Ingress Stealth Ops patch and the GORUCK x Ingress Stealth Ops medal.

Urban Ops

4+ Hours

Physical Requirements: Moderate/Low

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.

- Sun Tzu

Urban Ops represents each faction’s elite arm during the Anomaly. It’s Resistance vs. Enlightened for vital control of intelligence on the location of the Volatile Portals or Flash Shard spawn.

Your GORUCK Cadre will conduct cross-factional competitions every hour. The winning faction receives intelligence on the location of the next set of Volatiles or Flash Shard spawn and can send it up to Higher command for an early advantage (~15 minutes) to mobilize all Agents from your faction to achieve mission success.

This is how battles are won. And Anomalies, too.

Notes on Urban Ops:

  • This is a cross-factional event. Competitions during Urban Ops will be Resistance vs. Enlightened.

  • Point totals from Urban Ops and the outcomes of the team competitions will greatly affect the outcome of the Anomaly. For your faction, there is strength in numbers and in diversity. This is more a mental challenge than a physical one.

  • Physical requirements for Urban Ops are low, though it is more challenging and occurs at a faster pace than normal Anomaly gameplay. It is accessible to all Agents who are capable of moving several miles within the allotted time frame. As a team, all Agents have strengths they can contribute toward a successful outcome.

  • Upon successful completion of Urban Ops, you will earn the GORUCK x Ingress Urban Ops medal, the GORUCK x Ingress Urban Ops patch, and you will be recognized by Anomaly organizers for your role as your faction’s tip of the spear.

What to Bring

There are a few things you absolutely need for your Anomaly Ops event (Stealth or Urban):

  • A rucksack or backpack (any kind will do, but of course we recommend GORUCK gear)
  • 20 LB Weight Requirement (Ruck Plates recommended)
  • Water, 2L minimum (hydration bladder recommended)
  • Reflective band around your ruck
  • Your Ingress Scanner
  • Headlamp with extra batteries (Stealth Ops only)
  • As a team, you will also need at least one flag for your faction. Host country flags are always welcome but not required.

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