Kill That 5K Fun Ruck

Presented by Jack Link's Beef Jerky

What are your three favorite colors? Ours are red, white, and blue, and we proudly fly a big ol’ American flag at all our events. We believe in and live the get active and have fun lifestyle. And we love to ruck with friends. All registration fees will go directly to our national charity partner, Team Red, White and Blue.


We're switching things up this year to focus more on rucking as social fitness and support our charity partner Team Red, White, and Blue.

This year KT5K will start at a designated meeting point, just like a GORUCK Challenge. You'll get to ruck with friends and cadre then finish up at a local venue for the Ruckoff after party. All courses will be dog and kid friendly, the after party will be contingent to each location.

You'll earn the GORUCK Kill That 5K Patch. The arrowhead takes inspiration from Special Forces insignias and represents the accomplishment of completing a rucking event, and of encouraging others to do the same. Wear it with pride.

The Weight in Your Ruck Makes it Rucking

You pick the weight. Anything more than nothing is rucking as long as you’re having fun. Think of it as social fitness. Just don’t overthink it. We also have Competitive Weight Classes for you racin' types. By the way, the average purse weighs 47 lbs full lol and the average bookbag more than that. Start with 20 lbs in a ruck for a 5K then drink your free beer in Backyard Americana with the best people ever.

What to Bring

  • Ruck aka your backpack
  • Weight in your ruck
  • Plenty of water

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