If you can do a mud-run or a 5K, you can do Light. Our Cadre will introduce you to the power of a team. You will also smile. A lot. We promise.


About GORUCK Light

GORUCK Light is an introduction to the team-based training found in Special Operations. It is also much less grueling than our original event, the GORUCK Challenge. Your class will consist of up to 30 participants (aka members of your new GORUCK family). One Cadre, an experienced member of Special Operations, will teach leadership as your class overcomes adversity to become a team. Team being a very important word. GORUCK Light is a team event, never a race.

Signing Up

Registration is individual, completion is collective. We recommend signing up with a friend, but you don’t have to. Either way, you will leave with about 29 friends for life. You will show up to the start point with water, wrapped bricks or a filler bag, and a rucksack full of anything else you need. You will meet your Special Operations Cadre there, and then it begins. You will stay with your team the duration of the Light. Your Cadre will be with you the entire time until the 30 individuals have become one team and earned the GORUCK Light patch.


We never tell people what they can’t do. We show them what they can do - together, as a team. Our favorite classes are those with a 100% pass rate.

The Patch

Light Event Patch

Those who complete GORUCK Light will earn the GORUCK Light patch, which will never be for sale.



The GORUCK Light unit is a team, aka a class, of roughly thirty individuals, led by one Cadre. GORUCK Cadre all have Special Operations backgrounds. Light participants are from all walks of life - military and civilian, male and female, young and old. Military experience is not required. All are welcome, as long as you are 18 or older.

ACRT and Ruckoffs

ACRT = Advanced Cellular Repair Technology. AKA beer. A Ruckoff is when your ruck is off and you’re hanging out - our preference is over ACRT. But if your Light is later that night, it should probably just be over a lot of water. We highly recommend getting together for a Ruckoff with your class before the Light.


Sometimes GORUCK has a photographer on site at the Light, but not always. To be safe, feel free to ask (bribe) a friend to come and take photos. We’ll post our favorite Light photos to our social media.


GORUCK events are non-refundable. Transfers can be made to future Lights up to 7 days before the event. Just send us an email at info@goruck.com and one of our dedicated customer service representatives will be sure to assist you.

Packing List

Packing List

There are a few things you absolutely need for your Light:

  • A rucksack or backpack (any kind will do, but of course we recommend GORUCK gear)
  • Bricks or filled Filler Bags
  • Water - 2L minimum (hydration bladder recommended)
  • Cab fare if you need to bail (but we hope you don’t)
  • Headlamp with extra batteries. We recommend TacTikka and Surefire.
  • PT belt/reflective band around your ruck
  • As a team, you will also need one 15lb team weight and one American flag.
  • Obviously, there’s plenty of other gear that makes life easier during an event. Download the full Packing List PDF for more gear suggestions.


You have two options for weighing down your ruck. The first is bricks. You will need 2 bricks if you are under 150 pounds, 4 if you are over. Life isn’t fair. Each brick should weigh 4-6 pounds. Wrap your bricks with duct tape to protect your gear. Label your bricks (each package if wrapped separately) with your name and phone number. Bricks will be inspected by the Cadre at the starting point.

Option two is to use sandbag fillers to weigh down your ruck. If you are under 150 pounds use a 10 pound sandbag and a 20 pound sandbag if over. Sand get’s heavy when wet, so we recommend placing the filler bag in a contractor bag or something else waterproof. We have a variety of Filler Bags you can check out.


Even though finishing the Light is all mental, thriving is a different story. Check out our 6 Week Plan on GORUCK’s Training page. Get used to weight on your back, increase your endurance, and come ready. Local partner gyms are listed on your GORUCK Challenge’s event page.


Custom Light

Can’t find a Light in your area? Private party? GORUCK Custom Events take place wherever you want with whoever you want.

Create a Custom Light here.

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