The best weight to ruck. Ruck Plates are compact and fit seamlessly in our rucksacks for superior stability. Made in the USA to exacting standards of quality and craftsmanship, GORUCK Ruck Plates represent the very best of American manufacturing.



  • Scalability: All our plates are cast from the same molds. The initial investment in the molds was high, but every plate cast is relatively inexpensive compared to cutting steel. You'll notice that in the price.

  • Precision: Casting gives us greater control over the size, shape and quality of our plates.

  • Toughness: Our plates are made in the USA out of ductile iron that has a break strength of 90,000 lbs. You won't break them.

  • Density: Cast iron is extremely dense. More weight in less space means more room in your ruck.

Weights are heavy and shipping heavy things isn't easy so we're handling Ruck Plates a little differently.

  • Each Ruck Plate purchased individually will always have a Shipping & Handling fee and ship in its own box.

  • Select Ruck Plate Bundles will have a Shipping & Handling fee and ship all in one box.

  • Ruck Plates always ship separate from other items. If you order other items with your Rucking Plates they will arrive in separate boxes.

  • Right now we're only shipping to the United States. Ruck Plates cannot be shipped internationally.

Ruck Plates