8-10 Hours, 7 Classes on Ruck Club Leadership

A crash course in rucking and teaching others to ruck with you. You will master the art of rucking and learn how to build your own rucking community. Featuring ART℠ (Active Resistance Training) as developed by GORUCK.

GORUCK Rucking University Patch

Rucking University is an 8-10 hour event that consists of seven classes instructed by GORUCK Cadre on the fundamentals of rucking and social fitness. Whatever your fitness level, your GORUCK Cadre will ensure that you walk away with new skills and abilities to thrive while rucking with friends and the confidence to bring ruck clubs to your neighborhood.

You will learn in a hands-on classroom environment then put your knowledge and skills to the test at a GORUCK Light. If your Rucking University event takes place at a Bridging the Gap Weekend, your Light will end up on the Kill That 5K route and you will ruck the 5K as a team.

What You Earn Upon Completion

Who's it For?

  • Box/gym owners - add rucking into your training regiment (Rucking = Active Resistance Training)
  • Fitness enthusiasts - organize and lead others in neighborhood training rucks (don’t forget the beer when you're done)
  • Team RWB members - organize group rucks
  • Ingress Agents - organize more challenging Missions (#Ruckgress)
  • Military candidates
  • Those training for the GORUCK Challenge - it’s way less scary if you know what ready looks like

Rucking University Classes

  1. Rucking as Social Fitness
  2. Rucking History
  3. Rucking Hydration and Nutrition
  4. How to Choose, Size and Pack Your Ruck
  5. Ruck Workout
  6. Rucking Under Weight
  7. Rucking and Your Community

Each class is designed and led by GORUCK Cadre with extensive Special Operations backgrounds and rucking experience. They are true subject matter experts of rucking.

What to Bring

Ruck U requires the same packing list as GORUCK Light:

  • A rucksack or backpack (any kind will do, but of course we recommend GORUCK gear)
  • Your weight requirement (see above)
  • Water, 2L minimum (hydration bladder recommended)
  • Photo ID and cab fare in case you need to bail (but we hope you don’t)
  • Headlamp with extra batteries
  • PT belt/reflective band around your ruck

As a class, you will also need one 15 lb. team weight and one American Flag.

Physical Requirements

Whether you are fresh off of the couch or in the gym every day, you will learn a new and exciting way to get and stay fit. If the GORUCK Light weight requirements are not heavy enough for you, feel free to bring up to 45lbs in your Ruck.

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