GORUCK Beached

Special Amphibious Operations and Survival Training

Beached is a 3-day submersion into the world of special amphibious operations taught by current and former Special Operations soldiers (GORUCK Cadre). You and your team will learn amphibious skills based on actual special operations and training exercises conducted by the GORUCK Cadre in their careers. Whether you are a professional diver or an inexperienced swimmer, your Cadre will ensure that you walk away with new skills and the ability to thrive in an amphibious environment. Beached does not make you into a special operator, however you will emerge with greater skills and appreciation for the underwater world of Special Operations.

About GORUCK Beached

Beached is open to anyone interested in learning how to survive and thrive in an interactive amphibious environment (aka the beaches and waterways).  Our Special Operations Cadre will teach you a variety of necessary skills including, but not limited to, basic mission planning, coastal piloting (navigating the coast or waterways by using coastal reference points), proper use of mask, snorkel and fins, basic small boat operations and general survival skills that can be used in any terrain and environment. In line with our goal to build better Americans, we build your confidence so that you know what to do in case you ever find yourself in a worst-case scenario.

To do that, we test you on the skills we teach to ensure you “get it.” You and your team will plan and execute a clandestine special amphibious operation that puts your learned Beached skills to the test. We draw upon our Special Operations backgrounds to set the scenario and we ensure you are trained for mission success. And much like in Where The Wild Things Are, a hot supper awaits your team’s return.

Why Beached Is Special

You will be taught and tested by Special Operations Cadre at Beached. In our experience, people learn how to better manage pressure if we test you in a competitive environment. To that end, our Cadre will grade both you and your team on your final exercise and we will award special patches to the high achievers. Regardless of the outcome, the goal remains the same: that you leave better prepared to handle a crisis situation in an amphibious environment.


  • Conduct basic mission planning and preparation
  • Gain confidence in managing risk in an amphibious environment
  • Improve your usage of a mask and snorkel
  • Learn how to maneuver small boats (Zodiacs)
  • Familiarize yourself with basic nautical navigation and coastal piloting
  • Apply survival techniques in an amphibious environment
  • Test your knowledge in a mission-based final exercise evaluated by your Cadre

Our Cadre

Beached is designed and led by GORUCK Cadre with extensive Special Operations backgrounds and experience. The Beached Cadre offers a unique combination of skill sets honed from years of operating in amphibious areas around the world as part of Special Forces Combat Dive Teams, SEAL Teams, Amphibious Reconnaissance Platoons, and Air Force Combat Control Teams.

Beached Event Patch

Those who complete GORUCK Beached will earn the classic Beached patch. The first and second place teams will receive custom gold and silver Beached patches. Teams will be evaluated based upon your ability to perform the taught tasks to standard. Faster times, better quality, better score. More details on those standards when you show up at basecamp.

Event Skill Sets ∗

  • Terrain-based mission planning and preparation
  • Coastal Piloting:
    • GPS/Compass/Nautical Chart Reading
  • Amphibious Skills:
    • Mask/Fin/Snorkel Appreciation/Familiarization
    • Basic Open Water Rescue Techniques
    • Small Boat Operations
    • Basic Surf Negotiation (Individual, Team and Boats)
    • Basic Swimmer Navigation Techniques (Ocean/Waterways)
  • Survival Skills:
    • Survival 101: Mental/Physical aspects of surviving
    • Shelter construction, Primitive Fire Building, Primitive Food Gathering, Water Collection and Purification
    • Basic Medical Emergencies/Evacuation preparation and planning
  • Full Profile Mission employing the skills learned

∗ The specific skills taught may differ depending on location, weather, and terrain.

Sample Timeline ∗

Day of Week Time of Day Activity
Wednesday All Day Firearms Day (optional)
Wednesday Night Participants arrive at basecamp (recommended)
Thursday 8:00 AM Event begins
Thursday All Day Coastal piloting and Amphibious Skills familiarization / Practical Exercises
Thursday Night Ranger TV ops (fire + food)
Friday Morning Breakfast, survival and field medicine classes
Friday Afternoon Amphibious Operation planning and rehearsals
Friday Night Practical Exercises, mission planning
Saturday All Day Final Exercise (all learned skills put to use and tested)
Saturday Afternoon Return to basecamp
Saturday Night Patches, Hasty After Action Review (AAR) and a hot supper
Sunday Morning Breakfast, After Action Review (AAR), key take-aways
Sunday 12:00 PM All personnel depart basecamp

∗ Timeline and classes may shift based on ground truths and weather conditions. For example, if there is a mandated fire ban, we cannot teach fire-starting classes. In this case, we will substitute a different class.

Team Set-Up

We recommend teams of 4-6 members that you select and organize on your own. If you do not have a team, we will help you find one. Contact us once you are already registered.

Firearms Day (Optional)

All Beached Events have an optional Firearms Day associated with them, taking place one day before the start date. You will have the option to sign up as part of your Beached registration.


GORUCK events are non-refundable. Transfers can be made to future Beached events up to 7 days before the event. Log into your account and go to Events › Manage Event to move yourself to a future Beached or Credit. If you want to transfer to another Expeditions event or give your spot to a friend, contact us.

Packing List

Click here to download a Packing List of everything you need to bring to Beached.


Meals at basecamp are provided and we will have a cook on hand. You will bring your own food for amphibious movements. Refer to packing list for the number of meals you are required to bring.

Physical Requirements

You must know how to swim, though you do not need to be an advanced swimmer or diver. We recommend you undertake some amphibious training (aka go to a pool and swim) prior to showing up. You need no previous experience with fins, masks, or boats (though it doesn’t hurt) - either way, we will teach you.

Custom Beached

GORUCK Custom Events take place wherever you want with whoever you want.

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