Challenge: Charleston, SC - Saturday, Dec 15, 1 AM (headlamp required)


Saturday, December 15, 2012 1:00 AM

Start Point

Pineapple Fountain

Address: Waterfront Park, Charleston, SC


Until 4/11/2012 $140.00
4/11/2012 - 8/12/2012 $120.00
8/12/2012 and after $160.00

Facebook Event Page

Click here to coordinate your team weight, training and pre-event Ruckoff.

Event Packing List

Click here to download the packing list.

Expected Cadre


Additional Information

  • The start point will be posted to this event page the week of the Challenge.
  • Packing list can be found on the FAQ page.
  • No refunds allowed on registration fees. E-mail us if you wish to switch start times or transfer your registration to a different person.
  • Note: Organizing a hotel room, ride, or carpool for after the Challenge is highly recommended. You will be exhausted, and your safety comes first. Be smart.

Meeting up to train

There are already people training for the Charleston Challenge at the following spots, and we encourage you to be one of them


  • We encourage each class to get together and organize a social event the night prior to your Challenge. Use the discussion boards. If we can show up, we will. Trust us, we love a good ruckoff.


  • Some, but not all, classes will have a photographer present. Photography is allowed, so ask a friend to come along and take pictures if you’d like. Spectator tickets are free, and there are no tickets.

Contact Information

  • E-mail with smart questions.
  • Visit us on Facebook.
  • Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on classes selling out, spots opening up, and everything else in the mind of GRHQ.

Spreading the Word

  • Click here to download a flyer. Remember, the Challenge is best when shared with friends. We’d appreciate you putting this up anywhere you can.



Military and first responders: become a GovX member to qualify for discounted registration. Join here.