24+ Hours, 40+ Miles
Average Pass Rate: 50%

The ultimate team event. GORUCK Heavy is not unlike the Challenge, but the additional time, distance, and structure allow your Cadre to teach more leadership and teamwork under stress.

About GORUCK Heavy

The intent of the GORUCK Heavy is to build better Americans, 24 hours at a time. Through the GORUCK Heavy, participants learn a different side of themselves from lessons learned from the Cadre. These lessons learned are either from the different backgrounds each Cadre has in their respective military or civilian careers and sharing experiences from overseas conducting kinetic and non-kinetic operations. These lessons learned are then applied in a 24 or more hour class through different events in a practical setting through shared misery, pushing each participant past their perceived mental, physical, and psychological breaking points.

The GORUCK Heavy is designed around six key objectives:

  1. GR Heavy will be the ultimate team event.
  2. Conduct leadership under very stressful conditions.
  3. Theme is built around AMERICA and why we are the greatest country in the world.
  4. This is a GORUCK Selection prep course.
  5. Earn your “individual” patch.
  6. Heighten each participant’s sense of accomplishment.

Signing Up

Registration is individual, completion is collective. We recommend signing up with a friend, but you don’t have to. Either way, you will leave with a ton of new friends for life. You will show up to the start point with water, wrapped bricks or a filler bag, and a rucksack full of anything else you need. You will meet your Special Operations Cadre there, and then it begins. You will stay with your team the duration of the Heavy. Your Cadre will be with you the entire time until the group of individuals have become one team and earned the GORUCK Heavy patch.


We never tell people what they can’t do. We show them what they can do - together, as a team. Our favorite classes are those with a 100% pass rate.

Heavy Event Patch

Those who complete GORUCK Heavy will earn the GORUCK Heavy patch, which will never be for sale.


This is a special dose of Special Operations training. You will be in a class or team of other participants male or female, 18 years and older. No Military experience is required as over 70% of our participants have no military background. We can’t tell you that you will finish, but we sure hope you do. Come to this event physically and mentally prepared.

ACRT and Ruckoffs

ACRT = Advanced Cellular Repair Technology. AKA beer. A Ruckoff is when your ruck is off and you’re hanging out - our preference is over ACRT. But if your Heavy is later that night, it should probably just be over a lot of water. We highly recommend getting together for a Ruckoff with your class before the Heavy.


Sometimes GORUCK has a photographer on site at the Heavy, but not always. To be safe, feel free to ask (bribe) a friend to come and take photos. We’ll post our favorite Heavy photos to our social media.


GORUCK events are non-refundable. Transfers can be made to future Heavies up to 72 hours before the event. Log into your account and go to Events › Manage Event to move yourself to a future Heavy or Credit. If you want to transfer your spot to a friend, contact us.

Packing List

There are a few things you absolutely need for your Heavy:

  • A rucksack or backpack (any kind will do, but of course we recommend GORUCK gear)
  • Ruck weight needs to be 35lbs dry for all participants. Dry means that no liquids can be used as weight. When the Cadre weigh your ruck, they will ask you to pull out all of your liquids. You can use bricks, sandbags, or whatever else to ensure your ruck weighs 35lbs. Sand gets heavier when it’s wet, so take the proper measures to waterproof sand filler bags. For bricks, make sure they are wrapped in duct tape at a minimum.
  • One Carabiner per participant. Do not buy anything crazy, just a normal carabiner that you would feel safe rappelling with.
  • It is recommended that participants wear some sort of boots that have ankle support. The reasoning behind this is that running shoes do not provide the support to carry a weighted ruck while moving great distances for a 24 hour time period. A good set of Merrell’s will work just fine.
  • Hydration System is required. We recommend a capacity to hold 3L of water. We recommend Sources Hydration Bladder.
  • Extra Socks
  • Pay attention to the weather and bring the appropriate amount of cold and wet weather gear.
  • All participants will bring an extra set of warm clothes. These clothes will be placed into a trash bag and placed in the vehicle that you arrive to the start point in. If for some reason you quit, these clothes will be readily available. You will provide the trash bag as well as what vehicle these clothes get stored in. The trash bags need to be marked and will be inspected at the initial inspection.
  • One 50LB team weight. The team weight needs to weigh 50 pounds at the beginning and at the end. No wheels will be attached to the team weight and it must be carried throughout the class. Team weights need to be in compliance with Special Forces Rule #1.
  • Pack enough food to last you 24 hours. By all means make sure that you bring a 12 course meal and fit it inside your ruck.
  • Headlamp with extra batteries. We recommend Tacticca and Surefire.
  • 20 dollars in cash and a photo identification in case you decide that the GORUCK Heavy is not for you. This will be used as your cab fare to take you back to the start point.
  • One American Flag attached to a flagpole. We support Annin flags.
  • Friends, it’s less scary that way and the more people you have in the class, the less weight you have to carry in the form of coupons.
  • Obviously, there’s plenty of other gear that makes life easier during an event. Download the full Packing List PDF for more gear suggestions.


There will be a PT test in the beginning of the event. The PT test is used as a gauge for the Cadre to be able to assess your physical ability. The PT test will consist of 2 minutes of Push-ups, 2 minutes of Sit-ups and a 12 mile road march. The Push-ups and Sit-ups are without your ruck and the road march is with your ruck.

Participants need to be in good physical fitness condition. Start with the GORUCK training page to get to that level if you are not there already. You will be carrying a 35 LB ruck for over 24 hours so focus your efforts on Endurance and be able to carry weight for over 40 miles. If you can pass the Army Physical Fitness Test with 300 points in your gender/age group and ruck with a 35 LB rucksack for 12 miles in under 3 hours, you are off to a excellent start.

Custom Heavy

Can’t find a Heavy in your area? Private party? GORUCK Custom Events take place wherever you want with whoever you want.

Create a Custom Heavy here.

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