Training to Travel with Pro Surfer Cody Thompson

Training to Travel with Pro Surfer Cody Thompson

Cody Thompson is a professional surfer based in North Florida and this month, he’s embarking on a surf trip to Mexico. We were curious how a professional surfer trained for a trip like this, so we sat down with Cody to get his training tips.

GORUCK: Cody, you are getting ready to embark on a surf trip to Mexico at the end of the month. Where in Mexico are you going and how long will you be gone for?

Cody: Can’t wait! I’ll be in Mainland Mexico for 8 days.

GORUCK: We’ve seen you rucking on Instagram lately. Is this something you’ve incorporated into your training to better prepare you for your trip?

Cody: Absolutely. Mainland Mexico is known for its long point-break style waves and the blazing hot sun. I’ve been focusing on keeping my legs strong and trying to do a lot of training outside during the hottest parts of the day to prepare for the heat. My Rucker and Ruck Plate have been the perfect tools!

GORUCK: When you’ve done surf trips in the past, what is one thing you’ve been surprised by in terms of how surfing all day every day affects your physical health?

Cody: It can be challenging to manage physical stress levels on a surf trip. The biggest surprise has been the amount of time it takes for me to recover now in my thirties compared to my twenties. I have to be more strategic on surf trips and make sure I’m using my energy wisely and getting rest, shade, water, and good food between sessions. I always pack a foam roller and do some tissue work in the mornings and evenings as well.

GORUCK: How soon before your trip do you change up your fitness routine to adapt to the increased physical activity that is to come?

Cody: I’ll start getting more specific with my training as soon as I commit to a trip! Most of my training and prep is done in the weeks/months prior to my trip and I always like to taper my training at least a week before I leave. I want my body to be fresh and rested by the time I’m ready to surf. Showing up without aches and soreness is key and gives me the confidence to do my best surfing.

GORUCK: By wearing a ruck, changing workout distance and/or duration, or adding weight to normal workout routines, we believe we can push our bodies and minds in the right direction and give ourselves the needed edge to make sure we don’t become complacent. Have you found that incorporating rucking into your weekly routine has had a positive impact on your overall physical, mental and emotional health?

Cody: Before I was rucking, I was already walking for at least an hour daily. Adding the ruck to my walks has been a game changer! The extra load took a bit getting used to but now I won’t walk without it. I feel stronger and I’m able to get a much better workout within that hour of walking.

GORUCK: What is your favorite GORUCK product to train with?

Cody: Rucker 4.0 with a 30LB Ruck Plate.