Travel The World With One Ruck

If you want to travel the world with one rucksack, it’s GR2®. Based on Special Forces medical packs which open up completely flat, It's got all the pockets and all the organization and is carry-on compliant. You can travel hands-free and leave all the roll bags in the dust.


Special Forces Proven

Special Forces operate in cities, mountains, jungles, and deserts the world over, facing the most difficult challenges known to man. Since our founding, Green Berets have been judge and jury of GORUCK quality and we proudly overbuild every GR2® to Special Forces life or death quality standards.

Exclusively Built in the USA

The GR2® rucksack is proudly American-made, built right here at home using GORUCK construction techniques proven by Special Forces soldiers in the harshest environments on planet earth.

Hands-Free Because Roll Bags Suck

GR2® is a TSA compliant suitcase on your back. Pack everything you need and it still fits in the overhead compartment.

GR2® Origins
The Original Go-Bag

"My “go-bag” in Iraq was more the size of a GR2 and was big, heavy, and full of lots of stuff I would need if our vehicle got disabled and we needed to fight for our lives. When I was back home in America, “go-bag” became “go-ruck” became GORUCK, and GR2 became our flagship travel ruck and my personal favorite."

Jason McCarthy
10th Special Forces Group, 2006-08
Founder, GORUCK

"We can’t think of a better Carry On bag to travel the world with. The GR2 fits everything you need, blends in to anywhere you go, and can be customised with modules to most configurations you desire."

"What stood out most over the course of three weeks was how the pack's design forced me to stay organized."

"From the hot desert, to a cold Minnesota winter, to the bustling streets of New York City, to the rainy season in Vietnam, this bag has held up well through thick and thin."

GR2® Design Inspiration

Special Forces Medical Ruck

GR2® was originally based on a Special Forces medical ruck, which had two large compartments. It opened flat and had pockets everywhere, which were originally designed for specific medical equipment like bandages, tourniquets, gauze IV’s, medicine, etc.