Custom & Corporate Events

Our Special Forces Cadre will meet you there with smiles and a plan. Our most popular custom event is the GORUCK Challenge.



How it Works

  1. Do the form thing. We’ll follow up in no time.
  2. Once we’ve agreed on the details, you pay 50% of the quoted amount upfront.
  3. Upon receipt of the initial payment, we will email you a link to a private registration page so people can register for “free” and then pay you directly.
  4. Pay the remaining 50% at least 30 days before your event.
  5. Smile.

The Patch

We can create a unique patch for your event - you’ll earn it and it will never be for sale.


We base it on location, insurance costs, number of participants, type of event, and custom patch design.


Custom Events for Corporate Teams

Our Special Forces Cadre build better teams and better leaders. We do this by teaching the best practices of Teamwork, Leadership, and Communication (TLC), learned in the most hostile, unconventional and harsh environments imaginable. 

We operate in both domestic and international locations and we can scale custom events to meet your goals. We’ve done everything from four day survival adventures to corporate speaking engagements.

Custom & Corporate Events

Featured Teams

“GORUCK custom Challenges have been a great way for our Team RWB chapters to have fun and build strong teams. We have chapters all over the world, each with their own needs and personalities. Creating a custom GORUCK Challenge is the perfect way to provide an event that is fun and exciting for our members...and it always delivers. GORUCK has been extremely accommodating and easy to work with for custom events. True to their Special Forces roots, they always help us find a way to a solution that works for everybody. When it comes to events themselves, I can't say enough good things about the GORUCK cadre. They're always prepared, professional, and ready to deliver a life-changing experience to everyone in attendance. ”

Blayne Smith
Executive Director
Team RWB

“Since the Solutions team left, several of my guys have called it a “life-changing event.” The lessons my team learned have led to significantly better communication. GORUCK Solutions taught me to see what was great about my employees and gave me much food for thought on how to improve. What I spent on GORUCK Solutions was paid back to me already! So return on investment that fast - who can complain?”

BNL Industries, Inc.

"GORUCK's Groundtruths and Scavenger combined to create an awesome event. 72 hours later, we are still talking about the great lessons learned. Thanks for everything. Special thanks to Cadres John and Dan!”

John Daniel
Federal International Inc.

“The business and military arena are very different, but the same themes run throughout. You are trying to work with other people to achieve an objective. …it was a fun afternoon, the Cadre were fantastic and it was a catalyst for change that carried forward into our boardroom.”

Jed Harris
General Manager
Puretec Industrial Water

“They say friendship is built on a solid foundation of alcohol, laughter and shenanigans.  Well so are some of the best business partnerships. The Buffalo Trace custom events are much anticipated and the experience always includes lots of bourbon and smiles.”

Tricia Schiffmacher
Buffalo Trace Bourbon

“The GORUCK Solutions Scavenger was the most applicable leadership training I have ever received and I plan on using what we learned going forward. There were so many similarities for the challenges we face, especially the importance of brief backs and keeping us all aligned.”

Comcast Corporation

“This was far more memorable versus previous team-building events. From a business perspective side, I’m very pleased with how the Solutions event was set up, executed and now how we’re looking at the follow up.”

Steve Bayliss
Area Director of Marketing
Energizer Personal Care

“When planning an annual leadership meeting we wanted to go in a different direction than the typical review and goal setting session. Having several GRT's on staff we decided to bring our GORUCK experience in to the boardroom and introduce the leadership and teamwork mindset of the Challenge to the rest of our team. We were fortunate enough to get John "Big Daddy" Croft on short notice and he did not disappoint. His presentation far and away exceeded our expectations. Everything about the experience was incredible. It was thoroughly engaging, entertaining and thought provoking. You have to do this.”

Adam Knight
Hotel Manager

“Solutions Scavenger was a fun and unique experience for our HR team. We were able to work together and compete, with live feedback throughout the event. The GORUCK team was professional and organized, and our participants were engaged in the event from the beginning to the end.”

Monica Graves
Managing Director, Career Management
The Advisory Board Company