Pretty simple message here, worth repeating till the end of time. We respect, honor, and are grateful to all who serve. Regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, you name it.

All. who. serve.

At our events, in our messaging, we encourage service because it made us who we are and we’re better for it. And now as always, America needs her sons and daughters to hear that call to service, and to answer it.

As thanks to all who do, we’ll buy you a beer anytime you’re at GORUCK HQ - Monster will even share it with you if you’d like.

On the GORUCK front, we have a partner called who can verify your service status. At checkout on our site, you’ll receive 15% off your entire order of full priced GEAR and 25% off GORUCK EVENTS. This isn’t a one time offer, there’s no rush on your end.

Thanks for what you do, it matters. And I hope you take us up on that free beer thing, too.

This earned discount applies to the following groups:





Our Continued Commitment to Service


If there is a nobler calling than to serve others - your loved ones, your community, our nation - we’ve not yet found it, nor do we expect to. Service First stories draw upon our roots in Special Forces and feature those serving all across America.




All GORUCK Challenges have a Service Action component to them. You as a team are expected to organize yourselves prior and pick something in your community that makes it a better place. This is service, nothing more nothing less.