Firearms Day: Lake Tahoe, CA (Counter Terror Rifle) 09/09/2017 08:00

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FAD - Counter Terror Rifle
FAD - Counter Terror Rifle
Counter Terror Rifle is a fast-paced, scenario-based training course designed for shooters of all skill levels. Our Cadre will begin by reinforcing the fundamentals of safely while operating an AR-15 platform. Our Cadre will explain and physically demonstrate each course of fire prior to each drill. All of the firing drills are based on real-world scenarios and designed to fire at various distances, various positions, and rates of fire. Learn how to take your weapon from a point of storage to a point of threat contact. This will be accomplished by learning how to store, retrieve, load, and employ your weapon quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
**Due to the space and safety requirements needed to conduct these events the ranges may be up to a one hour drive from the city listed. Please keep this in mind when making lodging arrangements.**

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Firearms Day
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Lake Tahoe, California
United States
Geoff, Mikey B
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