Jedburgh: Gore, VA 06/10/2017 08:00


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Saturday, June 10, 2017 08:00
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GORUCK Jedburgh
Two-phased event run by GORUCK Solutions.

Phase 1: Survival skills
Students will be given hands-on classes on wilderness survival. After survival training is complete, students will break into 10 person teams to compete in survival task exercises (shelter making, fire starting, food gathering, scavenging, etc.)
Take-aways: students will have the understanding of how they can apply small unit tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to their personal and professional lives. Additionally, they will have the ability to 'survive' in a simulated survival scenario.

Phase 2: Alternate Reality Environment missions
Participants working in small teams will apply military mission planning principles to complete various missions based on actual OSS/Jedburgh events from WWII. Participants will negotiate with vetted role-players serving as 'local assets' within the scenario to obtain information or materials that will allow for successful completion of the missions. Participants will be tasked to employ paroles and rapport-building techniques in the simulated stressful situations. The culminating exercise (CULEX) will involve splitting the larger group into smaller elements to conduct a coordinated movement.
Specialized Packing List (recommended gear):
Rucking Gear
  • Rucksack: Gear/supplies only, no additional weight necessary at this time. (GORUCK Original Rucks)
  • Weight-tested carabiner (Omega Pacific)
Weather-appropriate Clothing
  • Lightweight moisture wicking base layer long sleeve t-shirt
  • Lightweight rain shell with hood
  • Lightweight gloves with good dexterity (Mechanix)
  • Silk-type underwear (Ranger panties)
  • Hiking pants
  • Belt
  • Hiking boots/leather hunting boots (broken in). Be prepared to cover roughly 20 miles.
  • Moisture wicking socks, at least 2 pairs (Darn Tough)
  • Lightweight cap/lightweight moisture-wicking winter hat
  • Sunglasses
Personal Hygiene Kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Chapstick
  • Medicine/toiletries
  • Baby wipes
Survival Kit
  • Knife
  • Fire starting system
  • 25' paracord
  • Metal canteen at least 32 oz (Kleen Kanteen)
  • Tarp 5x7
  • Contractor Bag 55 gallon
  • Headlamp with white and red lens, flashing mode
  • Cotton bandana
  • Duct Tape (Industrial Grade)
  • Survival blanket or bivy
  • Smartphone in waterproof case (Pelican)
  • 3-liter water bladder with valve (Source)
  • 1 32oz water bottle (Nalgene)
  • 1 small bottle iodine tabs or tincture of iodine 2%
  • 1 lightweight meal (MRE)
Your Cadre
Your Team
GORUCK Events are not about you, and coordination with your team is key to success and having a good time.
Additional Info
Event Type:
Location Name:
Gore, Virginia
United States
Garrett, Garret "Machine", Mikey B