Farren Morgan

My names Farren Morgan AKA The Tactical Athlete, Soldier, Business Owner & Guiness World Record holder. I'm a British Soldier based in UK. My role consists of training, educating, and transforming civilians into soldiers. Apart from my service in the Army, I'm the owner of The Tactical Athlete a coaching business geared towards engineering tactical training programmes and e-books that cover all aspects of tactical training and development including strength, conditioning, and running and rucking through extensive workout plans. I would love to spread the word about what I do to the wider public as well as give an insight into leadership, mindset, and fitness. 

Favorite Workout:

Anything that gets me sweating/pumped up (and involves biceps)

Advice To Your Younger Self:

Follow your own path. Don't be afraid to colour outside the lines and dream big. You may get resistance from family, friends, work colleagues or bosses. But if you want to be successful and live a happy life without regrets, you need to make life your own rules.

What’s On Top Of Your Rucking Playlist:

Anything by Eli Brown (House Dj)

I love Music with a beat when I’m rucking.

Favorite Beer / Coffee Order:

Double espresso or Flat White