Matt Chan

Matt is a career Firefighter, Titan Games Season 2 Champ, climber, mountain biker, hunter, six CrossFit Games appearances with 4 top ten finishes, 45 years young and all-around passionate about physical movement, especially in the mountains.

Favorite Workout:

Getting lost in the outdoors for days. Actual workout??? A linear progression of endurance work to prepare for a specific event.

Advice To Your Younger Self:

Aim small, miss small. In other words, be very specific about individual goals so that achieving them requires great detail in preparation and execution. Even if you’re off target, it won’t be by much at all.

What’s On Top Of Your Rucking Playlist:

“You Will Never Work in Television Again” - The Smile

Favorite Beer / Coffee Order:

I don’t really drink, however, after a recent trip to Zermatt and Italy, local Italian wines.

A four shot cappuccino.