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We’re 100% independent so we’re free to pursue the harder path, to take between 2-4 years to develop every new product, to test them relentlessly, and to proudly claim with smiles on our faces that we build the best gear on planet earth for the toughest users anywhere.

We learned the way of the ruck in Special Forces and we’ve brought our passion to all people looking to lead healthier, more active lives. We’ve inspired millions of ruckers of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and beliefs, put on over 10,000 live events since 2010, and our community has over 500 independently run GORUCK Clubs all over the world — probably including somewhere close to you.

Our starting point at GORUCK was a napkin sketch of a rucksack — if you’re here to get on the path, you’re in the right place.

Our Top 10

Gear Without Equals
Built for Rucking

Carry that weight more comfortably, adhere to Rule #1: Always Look Cool, and have fun getting stronger. Premium padded shoulder straps, lumbar support and a dedicated Ruck Plate® pocket high inside the Rucker® make this the best training tool to add some strength and cardio gains to every step you take. Padded handles all over the ruck mean you can also push, pull, drag and lift it to your heart’s delight.

If you want a tool for rucking and training, this is it. If you’re looking to travel and want a laptop compartment, that’s GR1®.

Our Original Ruck

Our original piece of gear. GR1® thrives in Baghdad and NYC and is proven by Green Berets on standards of quality, toughness, and performance - including taking a laptop into combat. It has earned its GOAT status - The Greatest Of All Time - the hard way: one deployment, one event, one trip, one mile at a time.

Its minimalist design lacks some of the training specific features of the Rucker®, such as a dedicated Ruck Plate® compartment, but it is more than comfortable bearing all the weight you want to throw in it, anywhere in the world. We build GR1® exclusively in the USA.

Ballistic Trainers™

Our head of footwear is Paul Litchfield, a Shoedog with 35 years experience who has designed shoes that sold over a Billion pairs throughout his career. We built the “Ballistics” from the ground up spanning three years with input from our community in addition to past male and female CrossFit® Games Champions.

Ballistic Trainers™ are the official footwear of the Rogue Invitational and the preferred training shoes for people who want both maximum support under load and a shoe versatile enough to wear everywhere, all day long, without your feet getting smoked. For instance, 10/10 volunteers (who live on their feet) at the Rogue Invitational chose the Ballistics over any other shoe developed for that community. These double as the unofficial footwear of the Fight Club class.

Lightweight. Supportive. Proven.
MACV-1™ Rucking Boots

Rucking is the foundation of Special Forces training, which is where we took inspiration for MACV-1™. You live on your feet for 21 days, carry massive amounts of weight and ruck long distances. You need maximum support for all 3 arches in your foot, and the lighter your boots, the better because the faster you’ll move.

When our Founder was in Special Forces training in 2004, he and the guys all got their jungle boots modified at a local boot shop to reduce the weight and make them as performance focused as possible. We took that as the starting point and built the best, lightest rucking boot for both GORUCK Events and Special Forces Assessment & Selection (SFAS), the premier proving grounds and home to our roots at Camp Mackall.

Fast Drying + Built to Last
Simple/Challenge Pants

We took classic blue jean patterns and kept it very simple, building Simple Pants (and Challenge Pants which have side pockets) out of a world class lightweight tougher than nails stretch ToughDry® fabric. Living an active life, we used to tear four pairs of 501 crotches a year. Now we’ve had the same pairs of pants for seven years and they look brand new. We have not gotten less active.

Best use cases include: everyday wear, hiking, rucking, GORUCK Events, cold weather training, hot weather training, traveling for three weeks with one pair of pants and when you absolutely must, washing them in a sink and hanging them to dry by morning. They don’t wrinkle, they don’t stink, they just work. These are good for every use imaginable and are, for now, the hidden gem in the GORUCK catalog.

The Toughest Ever Built
Training Sandbags

Training with sand and odd objects is what we do — fancy gyms are not a staple of Special Forces training. Our Training Sandbags are simple, portable, easy to store, and 100% effective. Nobody else on the market has a higher stitch count (= durability) or uses more bartacks (=stress tested at over 400 LBS) or has better padded handles (so you’re not just grabbing a strip of nylon or a slippery strip of rubber) than we do. We build the best and you’ve proven this with us over the last decade.

Much like the shoulder straps on our Rucksacks, the padded handles on our Sandbags are the secret sauce — you’ll know it when you pick them up. Check out Simple Sandbags if you’re new to the game and still want to see a testament to what the highest quality construction looks like. Then just do the work. We back them all up with our Scars Lifetime Guarantee — which you will find nowhere else.

Versatile Training Tool
Sand Kettlebells

You (or your kids) won’t break your toes if you kick them on accident, they won’t give you a concussion if you drop one on your forehead, and you won’t break a watch or bruise up your forearms while you pull and push them over and over. They also stack just fine on top of each other which saves a ton of space, and are easy to transport. These are a home gym must-have, and you can toss one in your Rucker, as needed, for some extra weight gainz.

Simple, Military-Style Tactical Cap
Performance TAC Hat

We built this from the ground up out of ToughDry® fabric with no metal button on the top. It’s lightweight and dries lightning fast. The TAC Hat is one of our original 4 pieces of gear.

Train Heavier Than You Fight
Training Weight Vest

Padded shoulder straps (the secret sauce in our Rucksacks, too) distribute the load more comfortably — others on the market are a couple of nylon straps with no padding so they don’t feel as good, especially over time and distance. On the underside, we do NOT use spacer mesh because that fabric has holes in it that absorb everything and it’s impossible to get out. We went with 210D Cordura instead because you can still wear it shirtless without any abrasion and it’s easy to hose off. Our Training Weight Vest snugly fits all sizes and shapes of plates.

If you want to be able to breathe better when working out like this, consider our patented Ruck Plate Carrier™, which utilizes the same padded shoulder straps but only puts the weight aka Ruck Plate® on your back.

The Best Underwear Since No Underwear
Ranger Panties

We upgraded the fabric, performance, and single pocket in a timeless classic, making ours best on planet earth. Cheap Ranger Panties only have one small pocket for a locker key — which is worthless. Ours fit an ID, credit card, or the bottom half of your phone. They work well as underwear in the wintertime (Army training tip that applies to hiking trips, too), are the most comfortable “pajamas” other than going commando, and they’re the best training shorts because no fabric is the best fabric. Let nothing get in the way of your fitness and just own it.

Lifetime Guarantee

Proudly Overbuilt. Guaranteed for Life.

You Break It, We Fix It.

Everything we manufacture comes with our Scars Lifetime Guarantee, which is the most beloved program at GORUCK. If you break it, we fix it (or replace it, if we must). There’s no receipt necessary — we can recognize our own stuff — and your date of purchase does not matter. Hence lifetime.

We operate Scars out of our Headquarters in Jax Beach, Florida with some of the best sewers on planet earth who sew hard and live the life, testing and proving gear.

This is not just some marketing program where some company builds cheap stuff and then when you break it fast, they make it a pain in the ass for you to get a replacement — of more cheap stuff. Scars is completely different and woven into every part of our DNA which is a culture of life or death obsession over quality.

There is no better lifetime guarantee on the market. Train hard with confidence.

We get to maintain communication with our most active users and abusers of gear, which keeps us on the front lines of what you want us to build.

Buying disposable gear is the enemy of the true professional, who hates filling up landfills.

GORUCK Headquarters + Scars
Jax Beach, FL

If you’re ever in Jax Beach, stop on by and say hello.

We workout together as a team every Friday morning, right out front, at 6:30AM. All are welcome to join and we have plenty of gear you can borrow.


Live the Life

We’ve built a global community of ruckers living the life inspired by Special Forces — namely, together and part of something bigger than ourselves.

Tribe 'n Training

Tribe ‘n Training (TNT) is the best representation of living our way of life on a daily basis. There are monthly fitness challenges, daily workouts via the GORUCK Training app, and a patch you earn with activity. Like everything, it’s best when you do it with a buddy.

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We have over 500 Official GORUCK Clubs around the country and the world participating in TNT and getting together in the real world — they’re all free to join. Mental Health, for us, is tied to both physical health and social health — rucking up with others is a great way to get healthy and spend a life, deepening friendships and creating new ones.

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We have put on over 10,000 Live Events since 2010. Everything from rucking 5K’s to the toughest endurance events on planet earth. Daily training is great, and sometimes you need bigger goals, and bigger parties to train for.

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