gr2 26L heritage brush brown made in the usa
GR2 Heritage - USA - Brush Brown - 26L
GR2 Heritage - USA - Brush Brown - 26L
GR2 Heritage - USA - Brush Brown - 26L
GR2 Heritage - USA - Brush Brown - 26L
GR2 Heritage - USA - Brush Brown - 26L

GR2 Heritage - USA - Brush Brown - 26L

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Naval battles and ‘tea-races’ from China to London in the mid-19th century were the proving grounds that led to the perfect waxed canvas. Red Wing Leather complements it perfectly. Martexin Wax finish, process proven on waxed canvas backpacks for over 170 years.

TSA Carry On Compliant

GR2 is a suitcase on your back. Pack everything you need and it still fits in the overhead compartment.

Opens Flat

Makes it easier to pack and organize. No more digging through your ruck, trying to find something at the bottom. Special Forces medical rucks share a similar design.

Bombproof Laptop Compartment

The separate compartment next to your back is extra reinforced to securely take a laptop into combat. Complete with a false bottom so your laptop won't even notice when you set your ruck down.

Everything In Its Place

2 large compartments for more organization. The inner compartment has 3 pockets and the outer compartment has 3 pockets and a built-in field pocket.

Outer Compartment

The outer compartment has 4 internal pockets: 2 large mesh zippered pockets, 1 small go-to zippered pocket and 1 built-in field pocket.

Inner Compartment

The inner compartment has 3 internal pockets: 1 large elastic pocket, one large mesh zippered pocket, and one small go-to zippered pocket



The Original Go-Bag

My “go-bag” in Iraq was more the size of a GR2 and was big, heavy, and full of lots of stuff I would need if our vehicle got disabled and we needed to fight for our lives. When I was back home in America, “go-bag” became “go-ruck” became GORUCK, and GR2 became our flagship travel ruck and my personal favorite.

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