Patch - GORUCK TRIBE - (August)

Patch - GORUCK TRIBE - (August)

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GORUCK Tribe brings organization and inspiration to those of you who choose the harder path. Tribe is a way of life, the Cadre and community are the accountability. The theme of year 1 is SEEK PAIN.

Within each year, each month has a theme and a unique patch that will ship out to automatically when you subscribe.

August Details: Suffer

WorkoutExtortion 17
AMRAP (with a Partner) in 31 minutes
Partner A performs AMRAP of:
- 8 Thrusters (heavy sandbag)
- 6 Rows + Knee Ups (60#/40#)
- 11 Squats + Jump Overs

While Partner B performs: 400 meter Sandbag Run (45/25 lb)

Partners switch after each Run.

Rucking: 6 x 2 Miler (2 with sandbag in addition to rucksack), max distance in 60 minutes (45# / 30# recommended)

Book: Comfort Crisis by Micheal Easter

Additional Tasking: Volunteerism. Find a good cause and donate a block of your time, asking nothing in return.

You are on the honor system to complete the requirements throughout the month and the workout can be done at any time. Once you sign up, you will receive check-ins throughout the month from HQ & Cadre.


Subscription Details

The first time you sign up, you will be billed at time and date of purchase. Your subscription will automatically be renewed and billed on the 1st of every month following. E.G., If a customer places an order on January 28th they will receive January patch and then be billed again on February 1st for the February patch. To cancel or change your subscription, visit the "My Subscriptions" page when logged into your customer account.