Patch - Pumpkin Ruck

Patch - Pumpkin Ruck

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It’s Monster’s favorite time of the year! 

Pumpkin Ruck is back with a throwback patch design. It’s easy - get a pumpkin and meet up for an outdoor ruck with friends and family. You can start/end at a pumpkin patch or meet up at night to tell ghost stories or ruck by a haunted house. Leader’s choice if you want to add costumes, pumpkin carving, or candy. Keep the Halloween traditions alive!

The Details

  • Ruck distance: Choose your own distance.
  • Timing: Run your Call-Out ruck whenever you want
  • Extra Fun: Everyone rucks with their own pumpkin 
  • Pricing
    • Individual patches (1) = $5 
    • Bulk order 10 or more patches  = $3.50 each
    • Anyone in a Ruck Club can place an individual or bulk order as needed