Sandbags 2.0 - Street Parking - 60LB
Sandbags 2.0 - Street Parking - 60LB
Sandbags 2.0 - Street Parking - 60LB
Sandbags 2.0 - Street Parking - 60LB

Sandbags 2.0 - Street Parking - 60LB

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Triple Locking Velcro Closure

The filler bags have a triple locking velcro closure system, which is an upgrade from our previous versions with only a double closure. This ensures sand will definitely not escape.

Superior Construction

Double pass stitching at every seam (this requires two passes with a sewing machine) and box stitch reinforcement at the handles, making our exercise sandbags stronger than any other on the market.

Heavy Duty Padded Handles

Competitors either fold webbing onto itself or they rubberize the handles. Our handles are the best on the market because we take the time to reinforce neoprene padding into every handle we build. This provides a more secure, and comfortable grip that you can hold longer. Webbing digging into your hands should not be the reason you have to drop your sandbag, but when handles are webbing only, it will be. And when handles are rubberized, they get slippery when wet and over time, the rubber breaks down and to us that's unacceptable. We prioritize the handle construction so much because we believe they are the most important feature on the sandbags since you grab them with your hands every time you use them.

Upgraded, Interlocking Seam

Filler bag seams are now sewn up the middle with a French style seam that has 3x the stitches as our previous filler bags. It uses an interlocking system of fabric and seams to make sure that the sand does not escape. The seam up the middle also alleviates any previous pressure points. When you toss a sandbag and it lands, all the pressure of the sand pushes outwards. Speaking more practically about our testing, we dropped these off our 45 foot office building and they’re just fine.

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Tested + Proven

Our workout sandbags have been tested at thousands of GORUCK Challenges since 2013 and at GORUCK Selection, the toughest endurance event in the world. They're proven to be the best and toughest training sandbags on the market — as proof, they all come with our Scars Lifetime Guarantee.


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Join the GORUCK Sandbag & Ruck Training Program. Our workouts are simple (but not easy), scalable to all abilities, and you can do them anywhere.

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