T-shirt - Bataan Memorial Death March
T-shirt - Bataan Memorial Death March

T-shirt - Bataan Memorial Death March

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"Once the march started, everything just sort of froze in my mind. I was pretty numb the whole time. I didn't think and I didn't feel. I was like a robot and just kept moving. Other than daylight or dark, I lost all track of time. I had to blank everything out and focus straight ahead. I lived from day to day, in fact, hour by hour. The only thing I thought about was the moment and, ‘The good Lord willing, I'll get through the day.'

– Staff Sgt. Alf Larson, Bataan Death March Survivor

This is an event that you can do on your own to honor the men and women of one of the gravest atrocities of WWII. The Bataan Death March occurred in the Philippines in April 1942 when 60,000-80,000 American and Filipino soldiers were captured and forced by the Japanese to march more than 70 miles while being brutalized by their captors.      

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How it Works
  • You choose between the 26.2 or 14.2 mile distance and ruck wherever you live, preferably with friends. All you need is a ruck - you pick the weight. Aim to knock out the miles all together.
  • Pre-order the Bataan patch of your choice until the end of April 2021.