Movement with a Purpose (and Lots of Health Benefits)

Movement with a Purpose


To travel, to get around town, to train at any age — movement is foundational. To get better at movement, you have to move more. Walking is one way, but it’s not enough, neither is 20 minutes at the gym. Rucking makes the volume of your daily movement count more, strengthening your foundation in a fraction of the time without the pounding on your body or the muscle loss of running.


Do you stare down at a screen all day?

When you put a weight in a backpack, that weight helps to pull your shoulders back and bring your center of mass over the hips. Good posture is foundational to good movement. Rucking helps you achieve both.


And it's horrible for your knees.

Running is 2-3X harder on your knees than rucking, so it should be no big surprise that running is the most frequent cause of preventable injuries in Special Forces (30% compared to 5% from rucking). “Runner’s knee” is a reality, and a problem for millions of us. Avoiding the damage running does to your body is one of the main reasons people get into rucking.


Burn more calories than walking & build strength.

Rucking is Active Resistance Training (ART). That means it’s part active cardio and part strength resistance training, with permanent metabolic gains from stronger muscles at a fraction of the cost to your knees and plenty of gains for your heart.

Check out the Rucking White Paper

More information on the health & science, the purpose and background of Rucking in the Military, and why Rucking is good for you.