GORUCK Selection

48+ Hours, 80+ Miles
Average Pass Rate: < 10%

Patterned directly after Special Forces Selection, this event is a different beast altogether. The Cadre are actively trying to make you quit. This is our only event where we may performance drop you if you fail to meet the standard.

About GORUCK Selection

48+ Hours. Selection is an individual event. Our Cadre will enforce a standard adopted from our roots in Special Forces Assessment and Selection. Those participants who do not meet the standard at any point will be performance dropped at our discretion. Selection begins with a gear inspection and PT test.

Is This For You?

Probably not. Selection is not for everyone.

Selection Event Patch

Those who complete GORUCK Selection will earn the GORUCK Selection patch, which will never be for sale.

After Action Review (AAR)

When Selection is complete, the Cadre will happily celebrate with everyone in legendary style. If you were there for the after party of Class 000, you know what we’re talking about. You’ll eat a house, you’ll drink a ton, and eventually you’ll pass out from exhaustion. But the smile will still be on your face when you wake up and GORUCK Cadre lead a full After Action Review (AAR) with the entire class. Participants also have a one-on-one discussion with GORUCK Cadre relating to their experience. The focus is on your individual performance as it relates to teamwork and leadership. Beer will once again be flowing generously, and any and all questions are encouraged.


Selection registrations are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Packing List and Gear Inspection

Download the full Packing List PDF here.

Your ruck must weigh minimum 45 lbs. at all times, not including water or food. We will weigh your ruck at the start of Selection. If your ruck does not weigh 45 lbs., you will be performance dropped. You will have access to our scale prior to the commencement of Selection.

The PT Test

You will be tested on push-ups, sit-ups, a 5-mile run, and a 12-mile ruck run. You must meet the PT test standards in order to be given the opportunity to continue to train. If you fail to pass any portion of the PT Test, you will not receive a refund and your experience will come to an end.

PT Test Standards

  • 2 minutes: minimum 55 push-ups. *
  • 2 minutes: minimum 65 sit-ups. *
  • 5-Mile Run: maximum time allotted is 40 minutes. *
  • 12-Mile Ruck Run: maximum time allotted is 3 hours 30 minutes. **

* Push-ups, sit-ups, and the 5-mile run are done without a ruck. The standards our Cadre will use to grade you on your push-ups and sit-ups are here.

** For the 12-mile ruck run, your ruck must weigh at least 45 lbs. at all times, not including water or food.

Once the PT test is complete, the rest of Selection begins. At that point, you will take all instructions from the Cadre. If you pass, you will earn the GORUCK Selection patch. It will never be for sale.


You have two options for weighing down your ruck. The first is bricks. You will need 4 bricks if you are under 150 pounds, 6 if you are over. Life isn’t fair. Each brick should weigh 4-6 pounds. Wrap your bricks with duct tape to protect your gear. Label your bricks (each package if wrapped separately) with your name and phone number. Bricks will be inspected by the Cadre at the starting point.

Option two is to use sandbag fillers to weigh down your ruck. If you are under 150 pounds use a 20 pound sandbag and a 40 pound sandbag if over. Sand get’s heavy when wet, so we recommend placing the filler bag in a contractor bag or something else waterproof. We have a variety of Filler Bags you can check out.

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