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Zipper Pull Kit

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Zipper Pull Replacement Instructions

  1. Cut the Paracord to 10-12”.
  2. Remove the inner cords, or “guts”.
  3. Thread the Paracord through the Slider crown (the open, pull loop on top), and fold equally in half.
  4. Thread the Paracord through the Heat Shrink Tubing, keeping paracord straight (no twists) and even.
  5. With Heat Shrink Tubing against the top of the Slider crown, begin creating a knot. It is best to keep the Paracord close to the tip of your finger to make it easier to remove from your finger to finish the knot.
  6. Before fully tightening the knot, create proper space between Heat Shrink Tubing, Slider and knot. With the Paracord firmly drawn horizontally towards the back of the Slider, the Heat Shrink Tubing should fall just behind the back of the Slider and just in front of the knot. This placement will create uniformity between all your Sliders, while allowing proper pulling movement of the Slider.
  7. To avoid melting the Cordura on your gear, it is recommended to place a piece of cardboard, with a small hole for the Slider to come through, over the Cordura near the Slider to be heated. Avoid direct heat from the source on your Cordura!
  8. With cardboard in place, use tweezers or pliers to hold the tail end (past the knot) of the Paracord, avoiding heat on your fingers and keeping the Paracord taut.
  9. Using a hair dryer or heat gun set to a LOW or WARM setting, begin shrinking the Tubing by seating a small area next to the knot. Slowly adjust heat higher if necessary.
  10. Once the seating has begun, continue moving the heat source evenly over and around the Tubing until all areas and sides are shrunk. Do NOT overheat, or you may melt through the Tubing and Paracord.
  11. While the Tubing is still warm, grasp the knot and pull firmly straight back (away from Slider) to create a straight finish on the Tubing.
  12. Allow the Tubing to completely cool. Contact with the Tubing while warm can create dents or bends that cannot always be reheated to remove.
  13. Cut the “tail” of the Paracord to 1cm, or just under ½”. Seal the cut ends with a light touch of a lighter to keep them from fraying. It is also recommended to seal the two ends together (avoid “rabbit ears”), making one solid tail end, as this makes re-knotting easier if needed at a later time.



This is my ruck, there are others like it, but this one is mine. Customize your rucksack with different colored zipper pulls, made by our friends at Survival Straps, right here in the US of A.

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