We build the best gear right here in the USA, we lead team-building endurance events based on our experiences in Special Forces, and we love to ruck.

GORUCK Origins

I signed up for the military after 9/11 because of 9/11 and eventually served with some of the most elite warfighters in the history of the world: the Green Berets. GORUCK is based in every way on the lessons I learned in this community, both in training and in war.

My goals with GORUCK are to (1) serve as a voice for good, (2) employ more Veterans of Special Operations than any organization outside the US military, and (3) build a bridge between the military and civilian worlds. This started with GR1 and continued with The Challenge and people rucking together became the focus and welcome to GORUCK.

Jason Signature

Jason McCarthy
10th Special Forces Group, 2006-08
Founder, GORUCK

GORUCK Explained by Jason, GORUCK’s Founder