Quality is and has always been life and death to us, and we stand by our statement that American manufacturing is the best in the world.

Actually we don’t drink and sew though we do sew then drink most days at or around 5pm and Clay loves everyone but he only fixes free of charge almost everything.

GORUCK gear gets better with time and use, and is not meant to be replaced. Therefore, every piece of GORUCK built gear comes with our Scars Lifetime Guarantee. No proof of purchase required, we can recognize our own gear.

But we don’t make our gear out of steel so here’s what is not covered:

  • Burns
  • Gunshot holes
  • Knife slashes
  • Dog attacks
  • Damage from washers or dryers. Sometimes using a washing machine works out OK, sometimes it doesn’t. Dryers almost never work out. Don’t take the chance.
  • Excessive abrasion on the zippers (things like raw bricks or rocks you found down by the river).
  • Ruck Plates. Unless you bench 90,000 lbs you're not going to break your Ruck Plates. If for some reason you have a defective Ruck Plate, contact us at info@goruck.com.
  • Everything else that’s basically obvious not to do to ballistic nylon. Common sense is not so common but if you take a chainsaw to your ruck, the chainsaw will win. That’s common sense.
  • We're happy to stitch up any GORUCK gear that's been burned, shot, slashed or sawed for a reasonable repair charge – or to help you get a new one. Please identify on your Scars repair form if your request is beyond the normal realm of repair.

    If we’ve failed to build a piece of gear that will last you a lifetime, we’ll make it right. If you abused it, just come clean and we’ll work with you to get you back to ruckin’ as soon as possible. A picture with a story and a good attitude makes us love you even more. Stuff happens and part of our mission statement at GORUCK is Do Right By People and we live by that.

    Note: If you are a deployed member of the Armed Forces and something happens to your GORUCK gear, a story and a picture or two will get you everywhere with us. And yes, Clay is a War Veteran, too.

    GORUCK SCARS covers any and all products sewn by GORUCK. If you are having an issue with a 3rd party manufactured item, please send us a note at info@goruck.com.