Training Sandbags

Our Sandbags are the toughest ever built. We beat the hell out of our Sandbags for two main reasons: (1) to prove they’re the toughest Sandbags on the market and (2) we don’t know any other way. Made of 1000D Cordura ® and proven across 1,000’s of miles of stress at our Events and in garage gyms all over the world, GORUCK Sandbags are built in America and built to last.



We offer our Scars Lifetime Guarantee on Sandbags. If you break them or rip them, we’ll repair or replace them. We don’t need to know the date of purchase and we can recognize our own gear. So play hard.

Yes, there are a couple disclaimers, here ya go:

  • You have to use them with Filler Bags.
  • You can’t use them as slam bags, especially on concrete.
  • And speaking of concrete, you can’t drag them for a mile on concrete or they will fail. We have proof because we tested that.


Zippers are the weak points on our rucks, and we use the best for every piece of gear we build. But for Sandbags the zippers are not the weak points, the handles are.

We’ve strength tested the point where the handles meet the Sandbag at over 300 lbs. Our largest Sandbag is only 120 lbs, you do the math.

Training Sandbags