Train with Sand

Train with Sand

KISS - Keep it Simple, Stupid.

Getting after a workout doesn’t have to be complicated.  Fill up our sand training equipment once and have a complete home gym or use them to travel and fill at your destination to stay on top of your routine when you're on the road.

Sand Kettlebells

With overbuilt construction and a multi-step closure system, our Sand Kettlebells are designed to withstand constant abuse from workouts. They're versatile for your at home training, you can fold 'em up (empty) for training on the go, or use for added weight in your Rucksack.

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Training Sandbags

We beat the hell out of our Sandbags to prove they’re the toughest training sandbags on the market and because we don’t know any other way. Made of 1000D CORDURA, our sandbags are built to last and come with our Scars Lifetime Guarantee. The padded handles are best in class and the secret sauce of why you’ll love to train with them so much.

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Simple Sandbags

The toughest training sandbags ever built, streamlined. We took our new, upgraded filler bags that have triple lock Velcro closure and double pass stitching at every seam and added 2 heavy duty padded handles so they can be versatile for training or rucking.

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Why Train with Sand?

Reduce Injuries

Sandbags test stabilizer muscles far more than fixed and immovable weights, with greater translation to competition, tactical environments, and life’s unpredictability.

And if you have to drop them mid rep, you won’t crack a rib or smash your foot like you would with a barbell or a dumbell. Drop a kettlebell on your head, get a concussion. No thanks.

Build an Affordable All-In-One Home Gym

You don’t need to spend $10K on your garage gym to push, pull, drag, and carry weight for max gainz. Go outside and just do the work with sand.

Train Anywhere

Toss your Sandbags in the back of your truck and head to the local GORUCK Club meetup.

Or, pack one in your ruck and use it when you get to wherever you want to train.

Or, travel with it empty and fill it up when you get there - wherever there is. Your garage is only the home base.

Tribe 'n Training

Get Daily Sandbag + Rucksack Workouts

Join Tribe 'n Training to get daily workouts via the GORUCK Training app. Our workouts are simple (but not easy), scalable to all abilities, and you can do them anywhere.

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