GORUCK X Carryology

GORUCK X Carryology

After over 2 years of design, development, and collaboration, the next installment of the GORUCK x Carryology GRXC project has arrived. We’ve joined forces with Carryology to create GRXC1 Guerrila X, and the Kaidan v1.0 and v2.0 collections and we now bring you GRXC2 Samurai.

Let’s explain the GRXC (GRXC = GORUCK x Carryology) project in a bit more detail for those of you wondering what it is. There are three major elements to the project:

1. It will always be based on the GR1 backpack platform.

2. The project codename will always be based on either a fictional warrior or warrior from history, which will then influence the design of the end product.

3. It will follow the sequential naming system of GRXC#. The first was the GRXC1 Guerrilla X. Now the GRXC2 Samurai.

GRXC2 was completely inspired by the fierce samurai warrior. It took us 19+ months to develop the fabric for the exterior of the ruck, which takes inspiration from the samurai’s Yoroi Hitatare (the clothing worn under their iconic armor). Each ruck comes with a handmade patch by Tatsuhito Imamura-san of Kyoto Armor in Japan, with artwork designed by Jiro Yaguchi of Onizuka Tattoo in Los Angeles. The GRXC2 Samurai exemplifies the best in USA and Japanese manufacturing.