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"Honor Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson and help combat suicide among those who have served"
Step It Up This Veterans Day With The Chad 1000X Hero Workout
Huckberry - November 11, 2021
"This Hero WOD is meant to bring attention to an extremely important issue. Take the time to step up this year."
Take on The CHAD 1000X Veterans Day WOD for a Cause
Men's Health - November 05, 2021
"The Rucker 3.0 is one of the best backpacks to consider if you’re looking for a reliable rucking companion."
12 Best Backpacks in Singapore
Best in Singapore - November 09, 2021
"After thorough tests, we chose the equipment here for its simplicity, versatility, and functionality so you can squeeze in a gym-quality sweat—if not better—without leaving the house."
The Best Home Gym Gear of 2022
Outside Magazine 2022 Buyer's Guide - October 27, 2021
"The desperate search for answers following the death of her husband, Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson. What donating his brain to medical research revealed. How 1,000 box step-ups helps her advocate for every victim and survivor of veteran suicide."
Sara Wilkinson: Living in the Wake of Veteran Suicide
The Resilient Life podcast with Ryan Manion - October 26, 2021
"Sara’s story is one of triumph, heartbreak, resilience, and strength – the strength that Sara not only displayed as the spouse of a Navy SEAL who was deployed constantly, but also the strength she displays to this day, sharing her and Chad’s story. "
Hazard Ground podcast - October 12, 2021
"We discuss their early lives, falling in love in high school, Chad's military journey, Crossfit, TBIs, suicide, he healing power of psychedelics and so much more."
Episode 519 - Sara Wilkinson
Behind the Shield podcast - October 07, 2021
"With a more streamlined, modernized design, the Task Force Dagger Jacket finds its place in both mountainous terrain and city streets."
GoRuck Partners with Polartec to Release the Task Force Dagger Jacket
Soldier Systems - September 21, 2021
"The Task Force Dagger Jacket uses the same Polartec 300 weight fleece , and is abrasion resistant, durable and made in the U.S."
G'head, Fall for the Best New Outdoor Gear of September
Gear Patrol - September 21, 2021
"This week the guys sit down in the “Champagne Room” at GORUCK headquarters in Jacksonville Beach, FL to talk with former CIA case officer and GORUCK’s Co-founder/Head of Community, Emily McCarthy!"
Ep 26 | Guest Emily McCarthy | From Running Cross-Country to Running CIA Stations, Java Forever & All Things GORUCK
Solid Seven Podcast - September 20, 2021
"Stemming from a military background, the GORUCK Task Force Dagger Jacket nods to the jackets that were worn by the 5th Special Forces Group 20 years ago, and even uses the same Polartec 300-weight fleece — just with a few upgrades."
GORUCK Task Force Dagger Jacket
Gear Junkie - September 16, 2021
"This boot is just as great for everyday wear as it is for hiking and adventuring."
GORUCK Jedburgh Rucking Boots: The Ultimate “Ready for Anything” Hike and Travel Boot
A Brother Abroad - September 15, 2021
"Spoiler alert, but these are possibly the most comfortable performance-oriented shoe I’ve ever worn."
GORUCK Ballistic Trainer Review: Tough, Comfortable, and Worth the Money
A Brother Abroad - September 16, 2021
"The time-tested, military preferred “sandbag training” accomplishes every goal you could imagine with a single tool – a tough sandbag with handles."
GORUCK Sandbag Ultimate Review: Tough, Versatile, and Worth the Money
A Brother Abroad - September 16, 2021
"The GORUCK Wire Dopp. A simple, tough, and functional electronics travel organizer."
The GORUCK Wire Dopp Review: A Tough, Minimalist, and Cheap Electronics Travel Organizer
A Brother Abroad - September 16, 2021
"After giving over 21 years of his life to this nation, Navy SEAL Senior Chief Chad Wilkinson died by suicide on October 29, 2018. His wife Sara and GORUCK are on a mission to stop other veterans from doing the same. "
GORUCK honors Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson with workout aimed at ending veteran suicide
We are the Mighty - August 30, 2021
"Jason and Wilson talk about Jason's career in the military as a special forces soldier, his company GORUCK, how to get out there and embrace life, and inspirational insights"
Ep. 13 Jason McCarthy
Gray Space Podcast - August 24, 2021
"GORUCK co-founder and CEO Jason McCarthy says his path from leaving the Special Forces to building a $100 million company is a “cautionary tale”. "
American Warrior Radio - August 24, 2021
"GORUCK has launched a new collection of custom training gear and apparel honoring veterans and families affected by the September 11th terror attacks."
GORUCK Never Forget Collection: All Proceeds to Benefit 9/11 Survivors
Gear Hungry - August 12, 2021
"When Sara Wilkinson was first approached about creating a memorial workout and fundraiser in memory of her husband Chad, she was hesitant."
Try These 9 Brutal Workouts to Honor Fallen Troops - August 06, 2021
"For Jason McCarthy, a former Green Beret and co-founder of GORUCK, a sandbag and rucksack has replaced the gym entirely."
A Sandbag Is All You Need for a Serious Strength Workout
GQ - June 29, 2021
"Phil Wall, director of "The Standard" on Hulu, explains the value of breaking stereotypes and using music to lead from behind in a film."
A Documentary Director Shares How to Use Music With Intentionality
MUSICBED BLOG - June 22, 2021
"Jason McCarthy of GORUCK discusses rucking, his Army service, & building community through voluntary hardship & shared suffering."
Building Community through Voluntary Hardship with Jason Mccarthy of GORUCK
Barbell Logic podcast - June 21, 2021
"This interview isn’t about how to get started with rucking (I already have one about that). Instead it’s about Jason’s story, including why he started GORUCK and how it developed and grew over time."
Jason McCarthy on Transforming Our Body and Life with Rucking
Muscle for Life with Mike Matthews - June 17, 2021
"Guys looking for a nice blend between tactical styling and everyday use should check out the GORUCK GR1."
The Modest Man - April 05, 2021
"Add some extra heft to all of your favorite bodyweight activities."
The 15 Best Weighted Vests for Any Type of Workout
Men's Health - May 11, 2021
"Want a badass workout? Try lugging a loaded pack on your back."
Take a Walk With a Heavy Pack for Surprising Gains
Men's Health - May 10, 2021
"Launching this month, the GR2 is a daisy-chainer’s dream come true!"
GORUCK GR2 Tactical Travel Pack
Gear Junkie - May 06, 2021
"Apart from his nearly 30 year stint at Reebok, Paul has also done groundbreaking work for GORUCK."
Paul Litchfield on Inventing The Reebok Pump, Working With Shaq & Designing The Perfect Boot With GORUCK
Sneaker Enthusiasts podcast - May 03, 2021
The DNA of the GORUCK Ballistic Trainers | INSIDE THE SOLE EP 1
That Fit Friend - April 30, 2021
"Being a first-time dad, I needed to score myself a great dad bag (AKA baby bag or diaper bag) for the new-bub days ahead."
New Dads | How to Nail Your ‘Dad Bag’
Carryology - April 28, 2021
"GoRuck‘s brand of military-inspired outdoor workouts are for everyone, says Daniel Skidmore, the company’s director of training. "
The Best Outdoor Workouts, According to Military Vets
The Manual - April 22, 2021
"We’re reviewing the GORUCK MACV-1 because of the company that created them and their ability to churn out amazing products."
GORUCK MACV-1 Performance Review
WearTesters - April 20, 2021
"These rugged weight rigs give you a unique challenge that can make your muscles work in unpredictable ways."
A Training Sandbag Should Be Your Next Home Gym Pick
Men's Health - April 19, 2021
"Director Phil Wall put his camera on the Goruck Selection, a 48-hour event designed by Special Forces veterans — a.k.a. Green Berets — and based on the 24-day training program they went through to become elite Army soldiers."
Stream It Or Skip It: ‘The Standard’ on Hulu, a Documentary Chronicling One of the Most Grueling Athletic Challenges on Earth
Decider - April 09, 2021
Ep. 437 - Jason McCarthy
Behind the Shield podcast - April 01, 2021
Endurance challenge teaches lessons of pain, sacrifice
The Times-Tribune - April 03, 2021
"The GORUCK Ballistic Trainers are slightly newer on the cross-training shoe scene."
GORUCK Ballistic Trainers Review | Subtly Awesome?
That Fit Friend - April 01, 2021
"GORUCK founder Jason McCarthy went from Green Beret to building a 100 million dollar company, starting with just a napkin sketch of a rucksack that could withstand the abuse of war torn Baghdad and still look good on the streets of any major city."
Hazard Ground podcast - March 02, 2021
"It was shortly after the planes hit the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11 that Jason McCarthy felt the call to service."
Humans Not Hardware
American Giant - March 01, 2021
"Simply put, the GR1 Heritage has all the features and everything you know and love about the GR1, with Indiana Jones vibes… plus a little extra secret with the 26L version."
GORUCK releases GR1 Heritage
Carryology - February 26, 2021
"Functional fitness is huge. Many people are eschewing traditional strength training for activities like CrossFit, Metcon, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and rucking."
Best Functional Fitness Equipment 2021
WearTesters - February 19, 2021
"Some of the finest gear is designed and hand-made right here in the USA."
16 of the Best Made in America Outdoor Brands
Gear Patrol - January 31, 2021
"TMF President Ryan Manion sits down with Jason McCarthy, CEO of GORUCK, to discuss the necessity of finding a tribe and uniting with people in a meaningful way, and the consequences that have come from nixing in-person interactions."
The Power of Community - Ep. 21 with Jason McCarthy
The Resilient Life, a podcast hosted by Ryan Manion - February 02, 2021
"Jason joins us today to share how tackling those challenges set him up to self-produce an audiobook based on his experience."
GORUCK: A DIY Audiobook Adventure
ACX blog (Audiobook Creation Exchange) - January 14, 2021
"We’re not a backpack company. We are a community and real brand."
Founder & CEO of GORUCK, Jason McCarthy, on building community and walking the harder path
This Much I Know podcast - January 13, 2021
"Thomas sits down with GORUCK shoe designer and designer of the Reebok Pump, Paul Litchfield. They talk about Paul's past experience working with Reebok, the nuances of the running shoe spectrum and the vision for the GORUCK brand."
Paul Litchfield, GORUCK
The Drop Running Podcast - December 31, 2020
"If you are looking for a training shoe of the best value, then the GORUCK Ballistic Trainers might be the right pair for you. "
GORUCK Ballistic Trainers Performance Review
Dribble Media - December 22, 2020
"What if I told you the inventor of the Reebok Pump, Paul Litchfield, is now making training shoes? And that he’s doing it for GORUCK, an upstart training gear company founded by a Special Forces veteran, that’s also pioneering a whole new sport called Rucking. "
GORUCK Ballistic Trainer Performance Review
WearTesters - December 21, 2020
"Dynamite is in the penalty box, Jason brings an epic background and Matt goes Tron."
The One with Jason McCarthy
Vet Pivot podcast - December 14, 2020
"The Standard film- why it’s powerful, where you can find it."
What Can Runners Learn from GORUCK’s The Standard Film ?
Run Lift Mom - December 14, 2020
"Here at The Ready State, we’ve connected with tons of great brands and products over the years and settled on a few big contenders. With the holidays coming up, I thought I’d bring together my top picks so you can take advantage."
The TRS Holiday Gift Guide: My Top Picks
The Ready State - December 11, 2020
"Keep your adventurous friend doing what they love to do with the GORUCK GR1."
2020 Ultimate Gear Gift Guide
Pack Hacker - November 13, 2020
"Richard Rice retired from the U.S. Army as a Special Forces Senior Non-Commissioned Officer after 30 years of service. During the last 25 years, he served on various Special Operations Forces assignments, including: Republic of Vietnam (two tours); Operation Eagle Claw (Iran); Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada); Operation Just Cause (Panama); Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm (Iraq); and Operation Gothic Serpent (Mogadishu). "
The Art of Teamwork with Richard Rice
Lead to Greatness Podcast - November 13, 2020
"Jason and Jason discuss how GORUCK has managed to stay true to their mission of grabbing a Ruck and Embracing the Suck. "
Ruck Up & Embrace the Suck
Business of Fitness with Jason Khalipa - November 05, 2020
"Jason shares his deep understanding on the need for embracing the uneasiness of life and why staying active and outside is pivotal to becoming a great leader and father."
The Leadership Connection between Body and Mind.
TribeCAST - October 16, 2020
"There’s another fitness trend that is starting to surge, and it comes from the military. The act of moving with weight, called rucking, is a fundamental element of the military, particularly for infantry soldiers."
Why is this interesting? - The Rucking Edition
Why is this interesting? - October 14, 2020
"We talk about ignorance and education, when to throw in the towel and when to drive on, respecting and honoring your roots, being present in the moment, and how to build a life by building a business."
Building a Business, Building a Life
Order of Man - September 29, 2020
"What started as an idea to create and sell no-frills, tough-as-nails backpacks became something much bigger. Tune in to hear how Jason’s early adventures in business helped him find deeper meaning for his company."
How Not to Build a Business
EntreLeadership Podcast - September 21, 2020
"The GR1 remains a popular pick as one of the best tactical backpacks in the community for its proven bombproof durability, made in the USA quality, and lifetime guarantee."
The 15 Best EDC Backpacks in 2020
Everyday Carry - September 17, 2020
"GORUCK SELECTION is not only the toughest endurance event on the planet, it’s also an attempt to bridge the military-civilian divide. Hosted by a group of Special Forces combat veterans, this 48-hour challenge is a condensed interpretation of the US Army’s 24-day Assessment and Selection."
The Standard - GORUCK Documentary Film
Yahoo! Entertainment - September 03, 2020
"The GR1 is a hell of a tough bag that looks at home in an office, on a trail, or dragged through a muddy pit. Although a few companies made expensive backpacks before the GR1, GORUCK more or less invented (and now defines) the tough, buy-it-for-life pack."
The Best Buy It for Life Backpack (Please Don’t Call It Tactical)
Wirecutter by The New York Times - July 31, 2020
"Popularized by CrossFit and military workouts, sandbags are awkward to lift, making them good tools for building functional strength whether you’re doing bear crawl drags, clean and jerks, or farmer’s carries. GORUCK's sandbags are made of rugged Cordura and have padded handles, so they’re easier to hold."
How To Build An Epic Home Gym To Get You Through Self Isolation
Men's Health - March 30, 2020
"No conversation about indestructible bags is complete without GORUCK getting a mention."
The Toughest Bags for EDC in 2020
Everyday Carry - January 24, 2020
"In addition to selling packs, GORUCK hosts hundreds of events each year focused on building teamwork and camaraderie, and testing physical fitness, based on Special Forces training."
The Grow with Google Veteran-Led Business Hall of Fame
Grow with Google - December 13, 2019
"Being able to depend on the gear wasn’t his only lesson. He also learned about failure and responding to it, so when no one bought his treasure he founded a unique race that would help sell his product and leaned on his teambuilding skills."
Special Forces Veteran Inspires Fitness Gear Revolution with GORUCK Startup
FOX Business - November 11, 2019
"GORUCK CEO and founder Jason McCarthy talks about his American-made, veteran-owned, durable rucksack company."
Veteran's Rucksack Company is Worth Millions
FOX Business - November 08, 2019
"Tune in to hear Jason’s story, a true testament to the power of resilience and daring to dream big dreams. But most of all, it’s about what it means to serve a cause so much bigger than yourself."
Serve Something Greater
EntreLeadership Podcast - September 09, 2019
"I recently had the pleasure to read through the GORUCK Rucking White Paper. It's basically 18,000+ words on everything you could ever want to know about moving long distances with weight on your back."
The Rucking White Paper: Everything You Need to Know about Rucking and Then Some
We Are the Mighty - September 05, 2019
"The company has grown both in size — it now has 30 employees — and in impact. It hosts thousands of events each year to help people get out and engage with the world."
Google Helps Florida Businesses Move Toward Their Goals
Google Economic Impact - May 23, 2019
"Richard Rice served nearly 30 years in the U.S. Army Special Forces, participating in every major conflict and mission of his generation. He is a senior adviser at GORUCK."
Unpacking the War: A Soldier Returns to Vietnam - November 13, 2018
"Wouldn’t it be great if GORUCK made a boot to match its bags? Maybe one co-designed by the brains behind the iconic Reebok Pump and a living, breathing Special Forces veteran who returned to Vietnam for the first time in 45 years to make this pair of ass-kickers a reality?"
GORUCK's New Boot Was Inspired By The Iconic Special Forces Jungle Boot Of Vietnam
Task & Purpose - June 18, 2018
"Jason McCarthy, a Special Forces soldier, had no idea that he would be a businessman running a multimillion-dollar operation."
How A Special Forces Soldier Built A Multimillion-Dollar Backpack Brand
Forbes - February 12, 2018
"In bag-loving circles, GORUCK's origin story has become the stuff of legend. In 2008, founder Jason McCarthy left the Special Forces, had his heart broken, and out of the rubble of his life built a bag based on his experiences overseas that could tackle both urban commutes and battles against insurgents."
Review: GORUCK GR1
WIRED - January 03, 2018
"Put a weight in your backpack and go for a walk. It sounds deceptively simple, but this age-old activity, newly popularized by military-fitness programs, will torch fat, boost strength, and challenge even the most seasoned gym-goer. It’s called rucking."
Rucking: The Cardio Workout That Builds Muscle Too
Men's Journal - December 06, 2017
"Thanks to GORUCK — a company that manufactures rucksacks and puts on rucking-centered challenges — rucking has become a popular fitness activity amongst civilians. Their events have introduced thousands of people to the idea of walking around with a heavy backpack while doing hard things like carrying logs and doing push-ups."
Cardio for the Man Who Hates Cardio: The Benefits of Rucking
Art of Manliness - October 01, 2017
"Last year, live events and equipment sales helped GORUCK pull in total revenues of $15 million: 80% from gear sales and 20% from events. Now McCarthy is able to give back to the military community that helped inspire the idea, both through hiring veterans and through the company's nonprofit registered using LegalZoom."
GORUCK: Changing Lives One Ruck at a Time
LegalZoom - July 10, 2017
"The weekend is part special ops training, part battle reenactment, and part history lesson. Between exercises, the military leaders take time to describe military tactics and detail how events unfolded, and visit buildings and churches in Normandy still pockmarked by bullets."
The Latest Exercise Fad: Storming Normandy Beach on D-Day
Time - June 02, 2017
"Any bag capable of hauling hundreds of pounds up mountains on a regular basis is going to be a good option for long-term travel."
GORUCK at Pack Hacker
Pack Hacker - May 11, 2017
"We received dozens of nominations for the best everyday backpack, but once the deliberations were all zipped up, the GORUCK GR1 told all of its competitors to go ruck themselves."
The Best Everyday Backpack Is the GORUCK GR1
The Inventory - March 29, 2017
"Jason McCarthy teaches lessons focused on problem solving and rapport building related to “Charming the Snake,” a way of life for Green Berets that works in war, business, and love."
Charming the Snake
Art of Charm - August 31, 2016
"Jason McCarthy, former Green Beret and the founder of GORUCK talks about communication, building rapport, and team building strategies from the Special Forces and GORUCK."
Team Building Strategies from the Special Forces & GORUCK
Order of Man - August 16, 2016
"The Punisher himself carries a GORUCK GR1, so you automatically know that there has to be something uniquely badass about this brand."
A Bag Made For War And The Chaos Of Everyday Life
Task & Purpose - July 21, 2016
"“Rucking is great for the average person,” says Doug Kechijian, Doctor of Physical Therapy at Peak Performance, in New York City, and a former US Special Forces soldier. “It’s simple, and it delivers a lot of health and fitness benefits.”"
The Fitness Trend Men Everywhere Can’t Get Enough Of
Men's Health - December 25, 2015
"As the sun rose in Boston on Monday, the small group reflected on the power and spirit of Boston Strong through the heroic acts of those who gave their lives to protect their country."
Steps of Glory: the 12-hour Endurance Test to Honor U.S. Soldiers
Mashable - May 28, 2015
"No nonsense tactical looks that fit in just as well in the urban jungle as they do in the real one."
Uncrate - August 29, 2013
"We have been beaten but not broken. We have worked as a team and finished together. Nobody quit."
‘Don’t quit’: Why a Post writer signed up for 12 hours of hell. Twice.
Washington Post - August 23, 2013
"The Challenge is so successful that it forces the question as whether GORUCK is a bag company or a company that puts on team-building physical challenges. The tension - or synergy - of these projects is fascinating and challenges the notion of how a small business can build a loyal customer base."
GORUCK: The Most Passionate Brand Following in the World
HuffPost - December 20, 2011
"We’ve written about GORUCK and their tactically inspired gear a number of times. Made in the USA, bomb proof, with a life time guarantee, they’re the kind of company we love to support. Enough said."
GORUCK at Gear Patrol
Gear Patrol - September 28, 2011
"GORUCK gear is designed to take a serious beating and then some. Their military-grade gear accommodates day trips, travel trips as carry-on luggage or general EDC use. They have built up a loyal following through their GORUCK Challenge events where both the participants and the gear get rigorously put through their paces."
GORUCK at Carryology
Carryology - April 15, 2011
GORUCK Logo (horizontal)
GORUCK Logo (stacked)