Sand Kettlebells

Sand Kettlebells

A Portable Kettlebell with Grit

With overbuilt construction and a multi-step closure system, our Sand Kettlebells are designed to withstand constant abuse from workouts. They're versatile for your at home training, you can fold 'em up (empty) for training on the go, or use for added weight in your Rucksack.


Reduce Injuries with Sand vs. Iron

Ever banged up your wrist and arms from an iron kettlebell? Or lost balance trying to learn the turkish getup? Sand is more forgiving, definitely better for beginners. Also infinitely scalable. No broken noses, no bloody toes (where you or your kids kick it on accident).

Proudly Overbuilt with our Scars Lifetime Guarantee

Reinforced, double pass stitching at every seam, heavy duty padded handles with box X stitching and a reinforced ballistic bottom. Plus, our Scars Lifetime Guarantee is the best guarantee on the market. Do your worst (and good luck).

Easy to Fill, Multi-Step Closure System

The top closure opens wide so that it is easy to fill. Once full, the double hook + loop system ensures that the sand stays in. Finished off with a clean, zipper closed panel for a seamless top panel.

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At Home or On-the-Go
Versatile Training Tool

The versatility of Sand Kettlebells is endless. You can use them for training, pack them unfilled when traveling, and add them to rucksack to up your rucking weight.

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Join Tribe 'n Training to get daily workouts via the GORUCK Training app. Our workouts are simple (but not easy), scalable to all abilities, and you can do them anywhere.

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