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Why GORUCK Clubs?

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How It Works

GORUCK Clubs operate independently and autonomously at the local level. As such, they take on different forms:

Integrated — a gym or box owner integrates rucking into their programming and holds open group rucks. Ask them when the group ruck is to get started — you’ll probably find that several members are training for a GORUCK Challenge, too.

Independent — a local GORUCK Club Leader organizes meetups, rucks, ruckoffs etc., usually via Facebook. Rucks might start in a public park or at a bar or out of someone’s garage. It’s up to the group.

Munich GORUCK Club at Normandy GORUCK Challenge 2019

Global Community

500 + Official GORUCK Clubs

All over the country, and the world.

From Jason, GORUCK Founder

Making Friends Across the World with GORUCK Clubs

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All GORUCK is Local

Rucking Is Better with Friends

If you’re new to a city or traveling around, GORUCK Clubs are a good way to link up with the community and get some physical activity in at the same time.

Featured Clubs

The best part of GORUCK is the people. And wherever we live, we like to meet up and do stuff together. There have been a lot of stories over the years from all different kinds of people. Here are some of their stories...

FXBG Rucking Group

Fredericksburg, VA

I immediately felt like it was easier to connect with people. Rucking allows community to happen as you are going, literally as your ruck. I also love how accessible this community is, meaning in our local club we have a very diverse group of folks. We have active participants in their 20’s and 30’s and active participants in their 50’s and 60’s.

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The Mother Ruckers

Atlantic Beach, FL

When I say, let’s go for a ruck and you can bring whoever you want and you pick the weight, I get more yesses. With rucking, the barrier for entry is low and very accessible on many levels. On the level of not requiring a babysitter and also on being a scalable workout. We might move at kid pace but there are plenty of extra coupon carries along the way.

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Hyland's Hopeless

Bay City, MI

Hyland’s Hopeless is a loosely organized bunch of ruckers whose beginnings were humble enough, but whose number now is measured in dozens depending on your measuring stick.  We meet on an organized basis twice a week to ruck.

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Dayton Area Rucking Crew

Dayton, OH

GORUCK Club Leader

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If you love to ruck and want to become a GORUCK Club Leader, there are many benefits to you and your community. Many successful GORUCK Clubs are affiliated with a gym and others are simply local crews being active together.

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