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Why GORUCK Clubs?

We all want to be more active and a part of something bigger than ourselves. Not as some new fad, but as a way of life. To that end, GORUCK Clubs exist all over the country, and the world. People of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds meeting up to put some miles in, to explore the world, to do some work together.

How It Works

GORUCK Clubs operate independently and autonomously at the local level. As such, they take on different forms:

Integrated — a gym or box owner integrates rucking into their programming and holds open group rucks. Ask them when the group ruck is to get started — you’ll probably find that several members are training for a GORUCK Challenge, too.

Independent — a local GORUCK Club Leader organizes meetups, rucks, ruckoffs etc., usually via Facebook. Rucks might start in a public park or at a bar or out of someone’s garage. It’s up to the group.


500 + Official GORUCK Clubs

All over the country, and the world.

All GORUCK is Local
Rucking is Better with Friends

If you’re new to a city or traveling around, GORUCK Clubs are a good way to link up with the community and get some physical activity in at the same time.

Dayton Area Rucking Crew

Dayton, OH


Become a GORUCK Club Leader

If you love to ruck and want to become a GORUCK Club Leader, there are many benefits to you and your community. Many successful GORUCK Clubs are affiliated with a gym and others are simply local crews being active together.

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