Everything from Rucking 5K’s to the Toughest Endurance Event in the World
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80th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy
Once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the 80th Anniversary of D-Day with WWII Veterans, and to do it as a community with GORUCK Cadre and GORUCK Nation.
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Featured Event
Bragg: The King of All Rucks
The miles, the weight, the freezing cold water, the wind and the rain–and it all goes down on the same hallowed grounds where Special Forces candidates train during the Special Forces Qualification Course.
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Rucking + Tactical Events

All Over the World

We’ve put on over 10,000 Rucking Events — in the real world — since 2010. Rucking together is the foundation for the GORUCK community and cold beers at the end is our way of life.

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The GORUCK Challenge

Our original team building event, led by Special Forces Cadre.

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City Ruck Series

Meet people who live our way of life and explore a city on foot.

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Tactical Events

The highest caliber instruction outside of Special Forces.

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By invitation only to some of the best and most proven endurance athletes in the world.

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GORUCK Selection

The world's toughest endurance event.

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Always Earned, Never Given.
Earn Your Patch

2” x 3” pieces of cloth with no monetary value so what’s the deal? The GORUCK spearhead is based on the First Special Service Force’s spearhead and honors our roots in the US Army Special Forces.

Successfully complete any GORUCK Event and you'll earn a patch. They’re not for sale, not today not ever. The only way to get the patch is to earn it.

Cadre Led Events with

Special Forces Cadre

The foundation of all GORUCK Events is the wartime experiences of our Cadre. They are all decorated combat Veterans of Special Operations who have served America, and Americans, honorably across the globe. Through GORUCK, their service continues at home, as they are tasked to teach people how to overcome adversity as individuals and as teammates.

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