The Largest Possible Carry-On

Traveling hands-free is freedom and nobody brings a roll bag hiking. Never check a bag and never drag anything behind you ever again with GR3®.


Special Forces Proven

Special Forces operate in cities, mountains, jungles, and deserts the world over, facing the most difficult challenges known to man. Since our founding, Green Berets have been judge and jury of GORUCK quality and we proudly overbuild every GR3® to Special Forces life or death quality standards.

Exclusively Built in the USA

The GR3® rucksack is proudly American-made, built right here at home using GORUCK construction techniques proven by Special Forces soldiers in the harshest environments on planet earth.

Hands-Free Because Roll Bags Suck

GR3® is the largest possible carry-on size at 45L. Pack everything you need and it still fits in the overhead compartment.

GR3® Design Inspiration

It's Big and It's Tough.

The goal was pretty simple, as goals are. Build a travel ruck that would thrive in Baghdad, NYC, and the mountains of Afghanistan. Or any mountains for that matter.