Ballistic Trainers

Ballistic Trainers


Barbells. Sandbags. Sprinting. Rucking. Up-down-left-right-lift-toss … rinse and repeat. To push past your limits in garages and driveways and in fields and on asphalt the world over — you need a stable platform, and you need more support from your fitness & weight training shoes. When you run, you need support. When you lift, you need support. When you flex, you need support.

Unlike Any Other Trainer
With the Science to Prove It.

Our head of footwear is Paul Litchfield, a Shoedog with 35 years experience who has designed shoes that sold over a Billion pairs throughout his career.

We built the “Ballistics” from the ground up spanning three years with input from our community in addition to past male and female CrossFit® Games Champions.

    2021 - 2022
    Official Shoe of the Rogue Invitational

    Ballistic Trainers are the official footwear of the Rogue Invitational and the preferred training shoes for people who want both maximum support under load and a shoe versatile enough to wear everywhere, all day long, without your feet getting smoked. For instance, 10/10 Volunteers (who live on their feet) at the Rogue Invitational chose the Ballistics over any other shoe developed for that community. These double as the unofficial footwear of the Fight Club class.

    You Have 3 Arches in Your Foot... Not Just One.

    And dynamic movements tax the hell out of all three of them.


    When sprinting, running, and rucking— forward and laterally — you land on the outside of your heel (supination) and then as you roll into midfoot stance your tib/fib and ankles rotate so your knee is in line with your femur as your toes splay out (pronation). Your plantar fascia (which supports your arches) stretches, becoming a spring as you move to the propulsion phase. If you don’t have enough support, over time in an unforgiving world, your plantar’s gonna get overworked. Plantar fasciitis is simply an inflammation due to excessive, unsupported work.

    When loading the body with a barbell or a sandbag, your tib/fib and ankles rotate, encouraging your foot to roll inward (pronation). That’s why people say you should point your toes outward and knees straight. But if there’s not 3X Support under your arches, you have a tendency to crash inward with your knees. This creates not only greater injury risk, but a loss of power. You do not want to lose power. Or get injured.

    3X Support™ = 3X Stability

    Hence 3X Support in your Ballistic Trainers™

    A-B// Anterior Transverse Arch
    B-C// Lateral Longitudinal Arch
    A-C// Medial Longitudinal Arch