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What is Rucking?

Rucking is just walking with weight on your back. It's that simple.
Walking with a weighted rucksack (aka backpack) is an amazing way to build muscle, burn calories, and is easier on your knees than running.

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Building Better Americans


GORUCK Events began in 2010 as the proving grounds for all GORUCK gear, and quickly evolved to focus not only on the gear, but also the participants rucking the gear. No matter the difficulty of the event, we apply our lessons learned in Special Forces and challenge people to prove that they're capable of more.

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Official GORUCK Clubs

The mission of GORUCK Clubs is to strengthen communities through rucking. Everyone can ruck, it’s fun and brings people together. Social Fitness. A club in your area may be anything from a gym to a local crew, but all with the same goal — smiles and miles.

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News + Stories

A blog about what we love: people, rucking and training, the military, manufacturing, local pride, dogs, and the finer things in life. Like beer.

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The Rucking Company


We build the best, toughest rucking gear to equip the rucking revolution — we force multiply through training, Events, and GORUCK Clubs that empower real world communities in service to something greater than themselves.

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