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Since the first GORUCK Challenge in 2010, GORUCK has been synonymous with the harder, more adventurous path. To push yourself, and to be pushed. To find meaning in the beauty of shared adventures, to seek challenges that demand growth, to serve something greater than yourself. To be a part of a real community of people pushing each other a little more.

Kids have always been an important part of our GORUCK community - not as bystanders, but as kids who ruck alongside their family. Kids who like and need to lift heavy things. Kids who are looking to be of service to their community.

After introducing Tribe in January 2021, we heard a resounding cry to bring the same type of challenges to kids. As a result, Tribe Kids was born.

We've designed Tribe Kids to encourage children to enjoy the GORUCK way of life: get outside, sweat with your friends and family to stay fit, and find a way to serve something greater than yourself.

Monthly Themes

Earn a Unique Patch Every Month

Each month has a theme and a unique patch that will be shipped to you automatically when you subscribe.


What You Earn + What You Get

Monthly Patch + Workout

Complete a workout (with video demonstration) and earn a monthly patch - delivered to your real world mailbox every month.

Book Recommendations

Read a book! Age-appropriate books that talk about the monthly theme. Each month there's a book for kids 8 and under and another for kids 8-12.

Fun & Educational Challenges

Seek Adventure through challenges and activities that reinforce the monthly theme.

Books, workouts, and challenges are designed for two age groups: 8 and under and 8-12 year olds. These are general guidelines; it is up to parents/guardians to decide which workout and book is most appropriate for their child's developmental age. 

The monthly programming is designed by educators and parents who understand physical development, as well as social and emotional growth. Keeping workouts fun, and giving children minimal loads in their ruck that is age and developmentally appropriate is of the utmost importance. 

Movement and community engagement should not be forced; encouraging children to do things that they love and modeling behaviors that meet the goals of the program is always a plus.

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken humans."

— Fredrick Douglas

Tribe Kids Cadre

The nucleus of Cadre working on this project is small; all have experience with children as parents, coaches, and educators. We are all motivated to encourage children to exercise, read, and give back to their communities through service. Setting the foundation for a healthy life is our goal, and we do this by thoughtfully choosing literature, programming workouts, and communicating the nuances of each monthly theme through a newsletter to parents. It is our responsibility as adults to give children the tools to live their best lives, and that is what Tribe Kids is all about.

Jaala Shaw

Director, GORUCK Tribe Kids. State Department Fellow. Outdoor school Teacher. Coach. Dog whisperer

Emily McCarthy

Co-founder, GORUCK. CIA Case Officer. More poet than warrior. Mom of three wild things.

Dan Skidmore aka Cadre DS

Air Force Combat Controller. Director of Specialized Training. Dad bod level: Expert.

Izdihar Eaton

Department of Defense Intelligence Analyst and Linguist. Hotelier. Momperator.

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"You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you."

— Isadora Duncan