Seek Pain in 2021

Earn a Unique Patch, Every Month

Since the first GORUCK Challenge in 2010, GORUCK has been synonymous with the harder path. To push yourself, and to be pushed. To find meaning in the beauty of shared pain, to seek challenges that demand growth, to serve something greater than yourself. To be a part of a real community of people pushing each other a little harder.

GORUCK Tribe is the next evolution of commitment — of mind, body, and spirit — to this harder path.

Tribe officially begins January 2021, with the theme of the year being SEEK PAIN. Subscribe and each month you receive a new patch. In exchange, you must do the workout, do the mileage, and read the book.

“Humans don’t mind hardship, in fact they thrive on it; what they mind is not feeling necessary. Modern society has perfected the art of making people not feel necessary. It's time for that to end.”

— Sebastian Junger, Tribe

How It Works

GORUCK Tribe brings organization and inspiration to those of you who choose the harder path. Tribe is a way of life, the Cadre and community are the accountability. Full cycles are 4 years in duration. The theme of year 1 is SEEK PAIN.

Within each year, each month has a theme. January is PAIN. February is LOVE. March is MISERY. Each month has a unique patch that we’ll release on the 15th of the prior month.

Requirements to Earn the Patch

What To Expect Each Month

July 2021 theme


“It irritates me to be told how things have always been done. I defy the tyranny of precedent. I cannot afford the luxury of a closed mind.”

- Clara Barton

July Details

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Train Up For Murph

The choice you have is whether you retreat toward the sirens of a comfortable life, always at the mercy of uncontrollable forces — or whether you harden your resolve and lead an empowered life. To SEEK PAIN is our way of life no matter the circumstances that we choose, or that choose us. Therein lies the growth, and the meaning, and the purpose for all the days of our lives.

Your Tribe Cadre

The nucleus of Cadre working on this project is small; all have experience in Special Operations or Intelligence and are motivated as warrior poets not by violence, but by love for others and what we owe generations past, present, and future. Namely, more than we can ever give.

Jason McCarthy

Founder, GORUCK, 10th Special Forces Group. The Originals.

Richard Rice

Connecting our roots to the path forward. 5th Special Forces Group, MACV-SOG, Delta Force and other Special Mission Units from Vietnam to Mogadishu. Oppressors Beware.

Emily McCarthy

Co-founder, GORUCK. CIA Case Officer. More poet than warrior.

Dan Skidmore (Cadre DS)

Air Force Combat Controller. Director of GORUCK Training, SRT (Sandbag & Ruck Training). First There.

Roger Sparks

Force Recon Marine, Air Force PJ, Silver Star Recipient, Tattoo artist in Eagle River, Alaska. Swift, Silent, Deadly.

Chris Irwin

Communications Director, Navy SEAL Foundation. Retired Navy SEAL. Figure it out.

Seek Pain

Are You Ready?

2020 has been full of pain and chaos on the world’s terms. In 2021 and beyond, we fight back on our own terms.

Whether you SEEK PAIN or try to ignore it, it will find you. Are you ready?

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Tribe 2021 Calendar

Additional Details


Every month there is a new patch to earn. It will ship automatically if you are signed up. T-shirt versions will be sold separately and are not part of the monthly commitment.

Those who complete all 12 months in a calendar year receive a special patch for that year. 2021 will be SEEK PAIN. Years 2-4 have not been and will not be released early.

Those who complete the full four year cycle will earn a limited edition piece of gear, and patch, that will never be for sale.


You are expected to earn every patch you receive. If you don’t, and the month has passed, the Buy Back Program is pretty simple: complete it now to earn the patch, in addition to the current month’s challenge. If you have questions about this, our team is trained to inspire you to do double the work, per question asked. Do what YOU think is right.

In limited circumstances or if we have additional patches, we will offer previous month’s challenges up for you to BUY BACK if you started the year late.


Perhaps TRIBE inspires you to seek a new calling in life, or search the world for answers in a way that disconnects you from our communications, like Caine in Kung Fu. You are free to opt out at any time. No matter what, we recommend that you find a higher calling, and that you seek it.