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Mental + Physical + Social Health
tribe (noun) \ ˈtrīb \

A small group of people defined by clear purpose and understanding. Historically, that meant you shared food and defense — and you were part of something bigger than yourself.

We believe an active life is a healthy life and this unites us. Push boundaries (especially the ones you have in your own mind), get stronger one step and one rep at a time, and spend quality time with friends outside.

To join thousands of us from all over the world, and in neighborhoods near you, become a member of GORUCK Tribe 'n Training.

Unique Patch Every Month


Each month has a theme and a unique patch that will be shipped to you automatically when you subscribe.


What You Earn + What You Get

Monthly Patch + Challenge

Earn a monthly patch designed by Silver Star recipient and Alaska tattoo artist Roger Sparks - delivered to your real world mailbox every month.


Tribe members have access to GORUCK Training daily workouts on btwb. Track progress, see where you rank on the leaderboard, and connect with your Tribe. BTWB will send you an email to set up your account.

Warrior Poet Bonus Content

Weekly thought leader emails from Tribe Cadre - book recs, nutrition tips, and food for thought to work that big muscle between your ears.

In addition to:

FREE No-Rush Shipping on all orders to any USA address.

Direct access to chat with Tribe Cadre, Trainers and the community through the private GORUCK Tribe & Training Facebook Group.

500+ Ruck Clubs are fully integrated in the real world, all over the country. This is how people meet people.

Tribe Cadre, Trainers + Fitness Experts

Dan Skidmore aka Cadre DS

Air Force Combat Controller. Director of Specialized Training.

Nichele Cihlar

CrossFit coach, weightlifter, and yoga instructor. Director of Training and your go-to for any questions regarding GORUCK programming and training.

Roger Sparks

Force Recon Marine, Air Force PJ, Silver Star Recipient, Tattoo artist in Eagle River, Alaska. Swift, Silent, Deadly.

Michael Easter

Adventurer and rucking expert. Author, professor, contributing editor for Men’s Health.

More from Michael

Mike Roussell

Author, speaker and nutrition consultant, transforming complex nutritional concepts into practical nutritional habits.

More from Mike

Emily McCarthy

Co-founder, GORUCK. CIA Case Officer. More poet than warrior.

Jason McCarthy

Founder, GORUCK, 10th Special Forces Group. The Originals.

Shawne Scott

Former powerlifter turned Functional Fitness athlete.

Jaala Shaw

Tribe Kids Director. CrossFit Kids Seminar Staff, Fitness Entrepreneur, outdoor pre-school teacher.

Tribe Kids

1. Humans are more important than hardware.
2. Outside is better than inside.
3. Together is better than alone.

Why Tribe 'n Training?

2. 100% SCALABLE

There’s a lot of talk about mental health these days, and rightfully so. Every measure of human health is worse than it’s ever been — but we do not accept the status quo as our norm. For us, getting our minds right is about a lot more than vacations and shrinks and pills. Here are some things we believe are vital to our mental health: 

• Time outside
• Physical challenges
• Real world community
• Social fitness
• Good sleep
• Real food
• Rucking, training, and living life to the fullest

Social fitness brings people together and removes barriers through shared adversity. This activity creates stronger relationships, which creates stronger communities, which creates stronger nations.

This path begins with just one step forward, and you control that step.

2020 Pandemic

Tribe Origins

The idea for GORUCK Tribe was born in our driveway during the pandemic. We wanted a simple way to stay healthy and see our friends and to keep ourselves from going crazy. As it turns out, social fitness was vital for our physical and mental health, and we wanted to share this way of life with our 500+ Ruck Clubs and community of people all over the world.