TIme Proven Materials & construction

British sailors spent four centuries and millions of nautical miles perfecting waxed canvas — out of sheer need, they made it the first performance fabric in history. In the mid 19th century, militaries took note and introduced it into apparel, cavalry saddle bags, and then moved into haversacks and rucksacks through WWI, WWII, and the Korean War. Ammo is heavy and the more comfortably you can carry it, the more effective of a fighter you’ll be. Waxed canvas is a beloved fabric of the Greatest Generation, and has been tested and proven over time and military might. We draw upon that heritage in creating our Heritage line of gear.


Strongest Possible Duck Canvas

Naval battles and ‘tea-races’ from China to London in the mid-19th century were the proving grounds that led to the perfect waxed canvas. Red Wing Leather complements it perfectly.

Martexin Wax Finish

British soldiers discovered that in its perfected form, linseed oil would be upgraded with paraffin wax to infuse densely woven cotton canvas. This makes the fabric waterproof, yet allows it to sweat vapor and still not stiffen or yellow over time.

Built in the USA

Building our Heritage gear right here at home is, for us, a tie to those who served before us — the Greatest Generation and beyond — that we might honor their legacy and values.

Waxed Canvas

The First Performance Fabric in History

Heritage means it’s proven by our grandfathers, and our grandfather’s grandfathers.