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We build a lot of rucks (like GR1) that hold all the weight. The Bullet Ruck is simpler and more streamlined. So, while its stress points are also proven at up to 400 lbs, we recommend a 20 LB Ruck Plate and some water.

Or just throw the essentials in it, and go about your day.

Sizing: Due to its streamlined build, the Bullet Ruck works for all shapes and sizes.





  • Single compartment with a built in pocket for your 20 LB Ruck Plate.
  • VELCRO® retention loop with a snap button on the interior keeps your Standard Source Hydration bladder in place.
  • External slant pocket provides quick access to keys, snacks, and other small items.
  • 2” x 3” VELCRO® on front allows you to customize the 10L Bullet with the patch of your choice (patch is not included).
  • Opens flat for easy packing and maximum organization – this is a feature found in Special Forces medical rucks.
  • Shoulder straps: ½” inch thick foam, 2 ½” wide. Compared to GR1’s, which are ⅝” thick and 2 ¾” wide. Note: foam in the shoulder straps is a combination of lower density foam (softer) laminated to higher density foam (harder). The lower density is against the wearer's body for additional comfort.
  • Padded back panel for additional comfort next to your back.
  • Padded bottom for increased durability. Do not use as a slam ruck, though. (Yes, people ask us this all the time).
  • Drain hole at the bottom sheds excess water, in the off chance you jump in a lake and water finds its way into your ruck.
  • Designed to sit high on your back, placing most of the weight on the shoulders and back (the preferred technique when rucking because these are large muscle groups).
  • Ruck Plates. The 20 LB Ruck Plate fits perfectly because we designed the Bullet’s interior around it. The 10 LB Ruck Plate will also fit, when you turn it sideways - Expert Plates (20 LB and 30 LB) and the 30 LB Ruck Plate are too wide, and will not fit. Check out the Rucker or GR1 for maximum Ruck Plate integration options.
  • 3 rows of external MOLLE webbing sized to fit a GR1 Field pocket and other MOLLE friendly accessories, like badass Carabiners (yes, they make the Bullet Ruck even tougher).
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs. Toughness factor is a million times that.
  • Silent Zipper Pulls. We hate the annoying sound of zipper heads hitting each other over and over again while we’re on the move. Don’t you?
  • YKK Zippers. These are the only zippers you should ever trust. Companies looking to save a buck here or there use inferior ones. We use the best on the market.


Bullet Ruck Explained

The 20 LB Ruck Plate and 3L Hydration Bladder fits perfectly. Plus everything else you won’t want in your pockets, while rucking. Like keys, jackets, and beer.

It’s an active dayruck. Throw the essentials in it, and go about your day.

Special Forces grade materials with customization options. Yes, badass GORUCK Carabiners do in fact make the Bullet Ruck tougher.

We hate the annoying sound of zipper heads hitting each other over and over again while we’re on the move. Don’t you?

This is a feature found in Special Forces medical rucks = easy find it.

Water is life. Don’t even think about putting something else in that bladder.

Scars Lifetime Guarantee. Our team in Bozeman, Montana is standing by should you do something exceptionally awesome at your Bullet’s expense. Ruck Hard, Play Hard.

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Jason McCarthy
10th Special Forces Group, 2006-08
Founder, GORUCK




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