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SIZING NOTICE: THIS PRODUCT - AND THIS PRODUCT ONLY - RUNS SMALLER IN THE WAIST AND ALL SALES ARE FINAL - NO RETURNS. Size 34 is a true size 32 and Size 32 is a true size 30. Since we don’t know any grown ass man who’s a size 30, and only a few who are 32 … for these prices we’re letting some of you get creative. Teenagers, man-children, people like that - you know who you are. And for the badass ladies out there - these are a 501 blue jean style cut. If they’re too long as is, take them and have them hemmed. Post a pic, we’d love to see what you come up with.  

Just like the Simple Pant only shorter. Built from a tough as nails 2-way stretch fabric that packs down to nothing and dries lightning fast.

The Simple Short is perfect for warm weather rucking and performs just as well in the gym as it does out at the bar. They're built from the same performance fabric as the Challenge Pant with all the same pockets and features of the Simple Pant.

  • Tough and simple
  • Back pockets and finished belt loops
  • Fast drying, abrasion resistant, two-way stretch fabric
  • Horizontal pockets so stuff doesn't fall out
  • 10" inseam
  • Curved waistband for better fit
  • Made in the USA


Simple Shorts Explained 

Here’s what I love about them...

Simple Shorts Pockets

1. My phone and wallet don't fall out of the pockets.

The pockets are like jeans pockets and not douchey gym shorts pockets that flap around all over the place.

Simple Shorts Horizontal Pockets

That means with the Simple Shorts your phone and your wallet won’t fall out, and if you’re on the subway, you’re a hard target for that pickpocketer.


Simple Shorts Dry Super Fast

2. They dry super fast.

When Monster and the gang and I ruck to the bar in the middle of a Florida summer, we show up drenched. We stop, I change my shirt (I’m civilized, people, and A/C is very cold here … first world problems). By the time I have a new T on, these shorts are dry. Yes, they dry (almost) that fast.


Simple Shorts Better Than Ranger Panties

3. Simple Shorts > Ranger Panties

I love Ranger Panties, too. I wear them to bed every night, lucky Emily lol. But Ranger Panties aren’t for work and they’re not for the bar.

Simple Shorts Classy

Sometimes I like to ruck from home to work and later to dinner. Simple Shorts, just like Simple Pants, are a little more grown up. To really class them up, wear a belt with a badass Reverse Flag buckle.


GORUCK Simple Shorts Tough

4. They're tough.

This fabric was developed by a serious mill, and it was originally intended for rock climbers. When the industry figured out that the fabric doesn’t fail, they stopped using it so that you would buy more pairs of other shorts that would fail. It hasn’t worked on me, though, I have 8 pairs of these in my closet, already. These and the Simple and Challenge Pants are built of the same fabric.

Monster Loves Simple Shorts

I wear them every day and Monster thinks they're awesome, too.

Jason Signature

Jason McCarthy
10th Special Forces Group, 2006-08
Founder, GORUCK


Primary Features

Simple Short Features


Scars 6 Month Apparel Guarantee

Up to 6 months: We’ll repair or replace (at our Scars team’s discretion) your GORUCK Built in the USA apparel for free. No matter how many Challenges you do, no matter how much you abuse them. We stand behind what we build.

After 6 months: Defects in materials or workmanship will continue to be replaced or repaired at our discretion. Excessive abuse will be repaired for a reasonable fee. We define reasonable by saying we’re not in the business of making enemies. We define excessive by saying it can’t survive a Kill Bill Hattori Hanzo sword or bullets or probably some of the other things we haven’t heard of yet that you’ll subject it to.

The bottom line: We’ve spent years testing GORUCK apparel at our Challenges and it holds up. You can pay less for cheaper stuff that will fail – brand whatever pants and the seams will bust and then you’ll buy another cheap pair that maybe even costs a lot of money. And the cycle continues. We believe in building the best and we believe scars are character and should be repaired, not replaced. The best things in life get better with time.

Additional Info
0.40 LBS
ToughDry™: 94% nylon, 6% spandex
Made in USA:
Scars Guarantee:
6 months
Care Instructions:
Machine wash cold, only non-chlorine, bleach when needed, tumble dry low, cool iron if needed