Heavy+Tough+Light=HTL. A Team within the Teams.

HTL Patch

A GORUCK Heavy - all 24+ hours of it - is a significant religious experience. Upon completion, the last thing your body will want is more. And yet, if you have that fire in your belly, it craves more kindling. So you’ll get little to no sleep as you dry your feet out and eat as many calories, preferably hot, as a human body can endure. You’ll set your alarm for when, not if, you fall asleep, wherever it’s dry. And when you wake up, you’ll toe the line at the Tough. These are the bad decisions we make in life, and they’re not for the faint of heart.

Those who successfully complete an HTL are in the pantheon of the most elite endurance athletes in the world. And the best part is that your team of HTL finishers is a team within the teams.


HOW TO SIGN UP: Find a Heavy event marked with (HTL), Sign up for all three events that weekend, Show Up. It' that easy.




It’s not about the miles, or the weight, or the hours, though they’re all a means to an end. It’s the mental aspect that will challenge you the most over the span of ~48 hours: to quit or not, to show up for the next event, or not. I just did a Heavy, it was awesome. Do I really want more? This will enter your head.

The only way to know how you’ll answer that question is to show up, and find out.




Ultimate Achievement



24 + 12 + 5 Hours



40 + 20 + 10 Miles